The EOSHD Sony A7R II Setup Guide

A7R II Setup Guide

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Sony A7 Series Lenses Guide

The best settings for video on the A7R II – this Setup Guide was created by filmmaker Andrew Reid for other video users to quickly get up to speed with a new and unfamiliar camera on set. Written for both professionals and enthusiasts alike, even for people who have never shot 4K video before.

The guide also comes with a ‘special sauce’ workflow for getting better colour out of the Sony A7R II in 4K video mode. In addition to my LUTs for A7R II S-LOG I have created a special in-camera picture profile based close to Canon LOG on the 1D C and a LUT for this flat picture profile. This is an exciting alternative to S-LOG 2. You can see EOSHD CINEFLAT in action on the A7R II below:


Quickly get up to speed for an A7R II shoot or job
A concise reference for new A7R II users

Customise and improve the user interface for video
Make the camera quicker and more enjoyable to use in the field with my recommendations and even improve the quality of the playback mode video poster frames

Which features and options to enable and what to turn off
Make sure the camera is optimally setup for best video quality and usability

What you need to know before an important shoot
Essential information which could be life and death on a shoot with the A7R II plus little know tips & tricks

Special Features

A selection of looks for post production, designed for S-LOG 2 footage shot on the A7R II. Quickly apply these looks and styles without the need for extensive grading software and know-how

In-camera CINE FLAT picture profile by EOSHD to mimic Canon LOG
The guide details my revised settings for picture profile 6 so you can more easily grade footage without the need for a LUT. This is a great S-LOG alternative plus it allows you to shoot at ISO 200/400 whereas S-LOG 2 is limited to a minimum of ISO 800

Best settings for the Sony A7R II