The EOSHD Samsung NX1 Setup Guide


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  • Tutorial guide by filmmaker Andrew Reid
  • Recommended video settings and pro tips for optimal performance
  • LOG workflow developed by Andrew Reid to convert Gamma DR footage from the NX1 to LOG (a flat 10bit file that grades better)
  • Every camera feature explained for filmmakers and video shooters
  • Recommended lenses and more



Above: GammaDR 2 LOG converts NX1 footage shot using the in-camera GammaDR profile to proper LOG footage which can be matched with a variety of looks and output LUTs in your edit. Full step-by-step instructions for use are in the guide. When applied in EditReady, this will convert 8bit NX1 H.265 footage to 10bit ProRes with a LOG curve similar to Canon LOG!

Shoot better video with the NX1

One of the most promising 4K mirrorless cameras of recent times, the NX1 combines spellbinding image quality with a rugged body and satisfying ergonomics. To get the best out of this camera for video, filmmaker Andrew Reid has spent 8 months shooting with the NX1 and optimising his camera, the workflow and the colour path for cinematic imagery. Now this knowledge is yours with The EOSHD Samsung NX1 Setup Guide.

Included in the book is a LOG LUT for converting GammaDR shot NX1 footage to a flatter picture profile, close to Canon LOG. This creates footage which is much easier to colour correct and responds better to colour grading. With the GammaDR2LOG set as an Input LUT or at the time of transcoding from H.265 to an editable format, an output LUT can then be applied over the top of the LOG footage. This makes the NX1 compatible with a broad range off existing LUTs for quick grading-styles and moods. DaVinci Resolve is not required, the workflow is geared towards Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X! It also makes the NX1 compatible with Film Convert on the Sony A7S S-LOG+1 Profile.

NX1 Setup Guide Cover

NX1 top panel