The EOSHD Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide

The EOSHD GH4 Shooter's Guide

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An EOSHD book, written by filmmaker Andrew Reid.

The new Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide is for filmmakers, photographers and all users interested in mastering video on the GH4!

The guide covers the features of the camera concisely telling you only what you need to know and nothing that you don’t.

There’s a chapter on tuning colour and image response in-camera, for an appealing image straight out the camera which doesn’t need to be graded and one that responds better to grading. Three profiles are offered in the book – Cinema, Graded and Flat. By applying the settings in the book, you can be sure the camera is correctly set for filmmaking.

This book has been written from scratch and is not simply an updated GH3 guide.

Key Features

  • How to shoot optimal 4K video, 128 pages of information
  • Image settings for filmic quality carefully formulated by filmmaker Andrew Reid
  • Concise explanations of all major camera features
  • Tips and unknown features revealed
  • Recommended lenses and adapters
  • Practical cinematography advice
  • Recommended settings
  • Beginners guide to using the camera and more…

Panasonic GH4 - with Cooke Panchro Cinema lens


Chapter 1 – Getting started

  • Initial out of the box setup
  • Explanation and summary of GH4 recording formats
  • Sensor size and crop factors
  • Exposure and manual controls
  • Map of camera menus
  • Suitable SD cards

Chapter 2 – Image settings for filmic quality

  • The EOSHD Hollywood Settings (Cinema, Graded, Flat)
  • Additional workflow for C1 – Cinema
  • i.Dynamic and i.Resolution
  • Master Pedestal
  • Luminance Levels
  • Highlight Shadow (Curves)

Chapter 3 – Shooting tips

  • Immediate tips to improve video shooting
  • Gorilla pod as a stabiliser for handheld shooting
  • The Kendy Challenge
  • 10 cinematography tips by Andrew Reid
  • 10 practical GH4 shooting tips by Andrew Reid
  • Avoiding rolling shutter skew
  • Use of AF for shot setup and enabling faster AF in movie mode

Porsche, shot on the GH4 in 4K video mode

Chapter 4 – Features for filmmakers

  • Slow motion
  • Synchro scan
  • Audio recording
  • HDMI output
  • Time Code
  • EVF
  • Silent shutter
  • Histogram
  • Manual focus assists
  • Zebra Pattern

Chapter 5 – Lenses and adapters

  • Introduction and summary of recommended lenses
  • At a glance index of recommended lenses
  • Recommended manual lenses
  • Recommended Micro Four Thirds lenses
  • Adapters and Speed Booster
  • Lenses which are incompatible with the GH4
  • Choosing the right lens for your shot
  • Anamorphic lenses

Chapter 6 – Physical controls and connections

  • Buttons and dials
  • Recommended function button assignments
  • Controlling the information you see whilst shooting
  • Interface panel

A three-part Appendix contains links to sample footage, further GH4 articles and test videos.