EOSHD Pro Color 5 – Improve Sony’s color science – Now for all Sony cameras including A7S III / A7C / A7 III and more

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 is an advanced colour science solution for Sony mirrorless cameras, including the new A7S III, resulting in better image quality, wider dynamic range, better white balance and more attractive skin tones. Pro Color 5 improves Sony’s overall default look in-camera bringing it closer to the Canon Cinema EOS cameras and Arri Alexa.

Pro Color 5 works on all Sony mirrorless cameras. There are no longer separate versions for different generations of camera. With version 5 you can use it on all cameras from the A7, A7S and A7R series, as well as for the first time the A9 and A1 series. The latest RX100 series cameras including the A6400, A6500 and A6600 are also supported.

For the first time you can shoot Pro Color in 8K on the Sony A1 and record 10bit Pro Color on the Sony A7S III and FX3.

Improve Sony mirrorless video color science straight off the card

Comprehensively refreshed for 2021 using my latest improvements developed for over 2 years since version 4, Pro Color 5 has been fully tested and developed with Sony’s new 10bit codec and revamped colour science on the A7S III, with stunning results. Although Sony themselves have made some interesting improvements, EOSHD Pro Color 5 is able to bring even better results to the table and more choice beyond just S-Cinetone.

The new small full frame rangefinder style FX3 and A7C bodies are also compatible.

For the first time in the series, Pro Color 5 also now works with cameras even if they lack advanced Picture Profiles. Cameras like the Sony A9 and A9 II are supported via Creative Styles, customised white balance settings and other tweaks.

Pro Color is designed for filmmakers who shoot video in 8K, 4K or 1080p. However it can also be applied to in-camera JPEG stills.

What’s new?

  • Updated profiles for all current Sony models including existing popular choices like the A7 III and A7C, with entirely new choices of look
  • New 10bit and 8K models supported: Sony A7S III high frame rate 4K, 10bit codec, 8K on the A1 as well as other new models including the FX3 and A7R IV
  • New cinematic profiles inspired by the Alexa, Leica cameras and Canon 1D C
  • Straight out of camera skin tones look more flattering and cinematic
  • Reduce colour clipping and posterisation in artificial light and 8bit
  • Tames the Sony auto white balance system
  • Fixes unwanted color casts and digital looking hues to make any scene look more natural
  • Updated guide with detailed help to get colour where you need it to be
  • All in-camera with no post required
  • No installation software or special firmware required

Supported cameras

ALL Sony mirrorless cameras are supported. Please note that Sony FS series professional camcorders are not yet tested and the profile is designed for Sony’s mirrorless cameras.

  • Sony A7 series
  • Sony A7S series
  • Sony A7R series
  • Sony A6400,A6500,A6600 series (A6100 via Creative Styles Only)
  • Sony RX series / ZV (RX1R via Creative Styles Only)
  • Sony A1
  • Sony A7C
  • Sony FX3
  • Sony A9 and A9 II (Via Creative Styles Only)
  • Sony A99 II

5 years of color science improvements in one download for all camera models!

Essentially Pro Color is there to give really good results straight off the card. For those who do not want to shoot in S-LOG, or for those who want a quicker edit for a client, Pro Color will fix issues with the default Sony color profiles.

Originally Pro Color was made for the first Sony A7S and subsequent A7S II, which the commentary above is based on. The same principals remain in Pro Color 5, updated and tested with all the latest camera models. Sony has since made two generations of colour science first changing it with the A7R II and A6500, then with the A7S III and the new 10bit codec with new Creative Looks. Pro Color works mainly with the advanced Sony Picture Profiles and custom white balance settings to improve the look of your non-S-LOG footage.

Pro Color 5 gives you a choice of profiles designed by myself, Andrew Reid for my own filmmaking, and all of them build on the same basic fundamental improvements such as:

  • Using a wider colour gamut with less clipping in highlights, smoother roll off
  • Warmer, more flattering skin tones to get away from the ‘zombie’ or ‘yellow-tinted’ look Sony’s colour science is prone towards
  • Special sauce for white balance – No more strange colour casts and out of place hues in artificial light
  • Capture the Hollywood orange and teal look by maintaining both warm and cool tones in one shot without an overall cold or warm cast to everything
  • A more balanced look without the usual magenta or green bias
  • Deeper reds and oranges (for better looking fire, candle light, street lights, etc.)
  • More separation in luminosity and tone between green and yellow hues for better landscape scenes
  • Deeper blues for more dramatic skies and less banding in 8bit
  • Wider dynamic range with optimised gamma curves
  • Plus more…

I have applied my eye as a filmmaker to the profiles, which have been extensively tested for 2 years since the previous EOSHD Pro Color version was released.

Since then Sony have released a lot of new cameras and each new model has been tested to confirm it works correctly with every single Pro Color 5 profile.

I have also implemented a range of more stylised looks, which don’t just fix issues with colour science but act like in-camera LUTs for cinematic results in both video mode and stills mode.

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