New EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 and EOSHD Pro LOG comes to Sony cameras

Special offer: Pro Color 3.0 & Pro LOG Premium Bundle – just $37.99 ($49.99)

I am pleased to announce that a year after the original, there is a major update to EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras.

In addition to the new Pro Color 3.0 with additional profiles, I am launching EOSHD Pro LOG as well. This takes all the advantages of Pro Color into an easy to grade C-LOG-like profile for your Sony camera. Pro LOG also comes with 25 EOSHD Film LUTs for an instant cinematic grade in post.

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Why Canon lacks a 4K B-cam

On the EOSHD Forum recently, filmmaker Oliver Daniel raised a very good point about the Canon C200 –

“It’s a professional camera, used for professional jobs that pay well. (or it’s an expensive hobby camera!) For this purpose, you then have to start thinking about smaller B and C cameras – and this is where the prospect falls. Sony has an A7S II, A7R II, RX10, RX100, A6500, A99II, A9…. many options in different sizes and purposes for an easy multi-camera workflow. ”

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