EOSHD’s best and worst cameras of 2018

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Here’s my top 5 cameras of 2018.

Of course we all know “there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ camera” any more but there is such a thing as a dull, boring rip off. Then there’s the stuff that has a shelf life of a few months, that you just know is a stepping stone before the real deal arrives. In many ways 2018 was a good year to keep hold of what you have and wait for the dust to settle. An eventful one for technology, especially in the second half where we saw some glimpses of the future. In 2018 we had six truly great cameras for filmmakers and a few that didn’t make my top list like the M50 or RX100 VI but which are nevertheless still useful in one way or another.

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Dynamic range test – EOS R / X-T3 / Z7 / A7 III / GH5S / who has the best LOG?

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Download an original 700MB file at Vimeo (Plus or Pro membership required)

On the Nikon Z7 how much difference does 10bit N-LOG make?

Is there a step up from the Canon EOS R when you record 10bit externally?

How does the Fuji X-T3 compare in F-LOG at 10bit internally?

All the questions and more I set out to answer here…

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Nikon Z7 is at EOSHD HQ – better video than Sony?

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I was able to find a Nikon Z7 in Berlin and decided to shoot with it at least until the Z6 comes out, when I’ll reassess whether it is worth 3800 euros. Nevertheless, this camera tells us 90% of what we need to know about that one too.

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Will Sony end the A7S line?

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NAB and IBC have been and gone. No A7S III. In Sony’s most recent marketing presentations, they outline a three-pronged strategy for cameras – “Basic”, “Resolution” and “Speed”. This is a change from the previous strategy of “Basic”, “Resolution” and “Low Light + Video” and with the A7 III having such good low light and video capabilities, will Sony bother with an A7S III?

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