Panasonic GH5 Review and exclusive first look at Version 2.0 firmware

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Firmware 2.0 for the Panasonic GH5 has been officially announced, and will be available for download at the end of September 2017. View the full press release and list of changes here

I’ve been testing a pre-production version of this on my camera thanks to Panasonic, to bring you my first impressions of the new features which include:

  • Professional 400Mbit ALL-I intraframe codec for 10bit 4K 4:2:2
  • “Open Gate” High Resolution Anamorphic Mode (4992 x 3744)
  • Hybrid Log Gamma with view assist feature for HDR shooting
  • New and improved autofocus engine for video
  • Performance optimisations and bug fixes

Read on to find out what it’s like to shoot with…

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SLR Magic Rangefinder footage – kiss goodbye to lens breathing AND Kowa anamorphic goes single focus

I have been out shooting with the SLR Magic Rangefinder.

Key features:

  • It completely takes over focus from any lens
  • Solves lens breathing (reduces to such low level it isn’t noticeable)
  • Adds cinema standard 240 degrees focus ring with FF gearing and hard stops
  • Reduces minimum focus distance of all anamorphic lenses to 1m (even long-throw projector lenses)

For those who shoot anamorphic especially this will be music to your ears. These shooters will also be familiar with diopters, which are used to correct aberrations and achieve very close focus. Effectively the SLR Magic Rangefinder is a variable diopter and thus a rather brilliant concept as it is capable of taking over focus from the taking lens entirely from 1m (3ft 6″) to infinity.

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