Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced – a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology

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Oh look! It’s time for Canon to roll out their old chips again! The EOS RP has an identical sensor to the 6D Mark II, with a micro-lens array design more suited to mirrorless lenses. Canon openly admit in interviews that the RP cannot even do cropped 4K/30p without overheating. Even the modest bump in frame rate would have necessitated “a larger body design”, they say. Not sure I believe them, but clearly the technology is behind the curve.

Most disappointingly of all, it turns out that the EOS RP lacks Dual Pixel AF in 4K video mode, like the M50, which means it’s a “no-buy” from me and better to stick with the EOS R until the pro body is released, which perhaps, is the intention.

Fuji on the other hand – an even smaller, lighter (380g) and cheaper camera has a full-width 6K sensor readout without overheating and most of the 4K video features of the superb X-T3 for under $900, with F-LOG, 120fps 1080p and bonus 10bit 4:2:2 external output.

There is a GULF between Canon and Fuji in their video technology.

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Canon EOS M50 – an accidental 4K Digital Bolex

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It’s 2018 and a good video feature arrives on a Canon! I immediately assume it’s an accident, so taunt is the leash Canon has on video specs. Indeed, what makes the M50 appealing to me is the happy accident of what crop factor you get when you cut an 8 megapixel window out of a 24 megapixel sensor. All the best things are happy accidents when it comes to Canon, who gave us DSLR video by accident, then later RAW video on a 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern by accident, then with the M50’s ridiculous crop – a Super 16mm camera!

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