Course for image sensor engineers reveals future trends

Above: Light hitting an image sensor, recorded by Andor IQ

The increase in CMOS sensor speed is what makes HDSLR video possible. But according to scientists in academic image sensor technology fields, fabrication processes used to make CMOS imagers are lagging 2 or 3 generations behind fabrication methods used in integrated circuits (IC) and solid-state memory – so we can expect some huge leaps in the very near future.

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An indie filmmaker speaks

HDSLRs continue to be picked up by major film crews and network TV shows, which is a great vote of confidence in the technology.

The latest is that a Canon 5D Mark II was used to film parts of network TV show American Idol, with a feature on Crystal Bowersox in her home town of Ohio. That’s all great of course but here is a reminder of why we love HDSLRs so much from the people who really need them and why they are not just a short-term stop-gap until larger cameras like the AF100 come out.

Here is a quote I picked up from a South African indie filmmaker.

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HD Compacts Part 1 – Introducing the Sony HX5

Above: creamy bokeh on a compact in video mode!

Okay – some initial thoughts before the footage later this week. Compacts are crap right? Gimmicky consumer devices aimed at the mass market of non-photographers – and yet, compacts work on the same principals which make HDSLRs so successful. Cutting down on extraneous stuff, cutting down on size, bulk and complexity whilst delivering an image comparable to professional equipment.

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EOSHD Round Up – 2010 So Far

A quick update! I am working on an HDSLR Wiki, an EOSHD iPhone / iPad app, a new short film and some new reviews including the Isco Centavision footage! But nothing new is ready just yet, especially for the weekend. So I’ve decided to round up the most popular articles of 2010 for the benefit of new readers who may have only just found the site. Hope you enjoy it, and welcome. 2010 so far EOSHD’s interview with City Of Lake’s Kevin Shahinian [url] Panasonic GH2 news and rumours [url] [url] EOSHD Shootout – GH1 versus 5D Mark II …

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First ever NEX5 video arrives on Vimeo

The first ever NEX5 video on Vimeo isn’t a looker, but it does help confirm one important advantage over GH1.

Even with all that shaky and awful camera work, there aren’t any issues with mud! If you’re interested in a more scientific approach than that, and dotting the I, P and B’s, this fact is also confirmed by our friend Vitaliy who has been analysing the I,P,B frames of the NEX5’s .MTS stream.

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