Oppenheimer: Why Christopher Nolan uses a flip-phone

As Oppenheimer opens around the world, director Christopher Nolan has been speaking to the media about his creative process. In the meantime, Hollywood is vehemently on strike to fight the twin technological threat of the streaming giants and the threat to livelihoods of AI.

Whilst not a “luddite”, Nolan admits he’s taken a very large step back from technology in his work life – no smartphone, no social media. The director doesn’t use email personally, and delivers scripts to lead actors by hand. In the process of screenwriting he uses a computer with no internet connection.

I have an opinion on that…

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What’s still missing from Sony’s mirrorless camera range…

Sony a1 firmware update

When it comes to firmware updates Sony has had a lot of upset from users in recent months, and rightly so because they don’t give you anywhere near as many interesting updates as the competition. The Sony a1 was a rare exception in that it got a significant bump in image quality with a new 8K 500Mbit 4:2:2 10bit mode. Other cameras such as one of my personal favourites, the RX1R II full frame compact have never had a single firmware update. Not one!

Sony is likely going to have to change this, and I have some suggestions for what they should add.

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RED and Nikon settle N-RAW dispute court battle – But how?

The Nikon Z9 court battle is no more, and it was a quite predictable ending. The two companies, RED and Nikon, came to an out of court settlement recently. This week the case was dismissed on request of both parties.

This means there has was a behind the scenes agreement, most likely a technology transfer deal, or patent licensing which enables Nikon to continue to offer internal RAW recording on their cameras, to the satisfaction of RED. This could be done in a similar way to the agreement between RED and Canon that’s already in place. The details of which is also a secret. Canon have been offering internal C-RAW recording for a while, with RED in return also using certain Canon technologies – such as RF mount on the Komodo.

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