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New Blackmagic Announcement Soon?


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1 hour ago, SteveV4D said:

So now its Blackmagics turn to add some camera news, along with Sony and Canon.

Its just like buses, these camera related announcements.  Wait ages and then 3 turn up at once.

Dont forget Nikon also announcing this month too!


8 minutes ago, kye said:

Announcing the new BlackMagic P8K - FF - 8k30 6k60 4k120 RAW- 15 stops of DR - $3000 with Resolve.

I'm probably way off, but that's the trajectory they're on!

Or a Z-cam look-alike like Red do with Komodo?

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15 minutes ago, ntblowz said:

Dont forget Nikon also announcing this month too!

I’ve kinda written off Nikon but I was looking at the Z50 and rumors on the Z6S. As a whole, that little Z50 with the Z DX lens looks super compact. Video quality is decent.

I’m still leaning Canon for FF. Sony is uninspiring. 

Anyrhing from blackmagic has a nice image lately but their bodies are not for me. 

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Im leaning to an R5 (allthough I just downloaded some clips and playback in resolve is not smooth at all, buts its been a while I have edited something else then prores or braw) atm, because it is the best hybrid out there, and I want a decent hybrid as I am done carrying around a bunch of bodies (can always rent a alexa mini for the projects that need it). But prolly this new blackmagic camera will make me drool again (owned a lot of bm camera's). 
I think they are aiming at the F6, but it will be cheaper and have better codecs. 

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42 minutes ago, sanveer said:

They'll probably put that 8k FF sensor into the Pocket Camera Body. Everything else will probably remain the same.

I think that would upset too many people. The Pocket 4k was only released in September 2018. Releasing a 2nd 'upgrade' already would be a bit much, many users wouldn't upgrade for 8k. Also, putting a higher res sensor in the same body when there's well documented issues with the body design would be irresponsible. They'd have to at least add a tilt screen, change the battery and adjust a few more things. They might put that sensor in a micro body, but that's basically a Z-Cam e2 rebranded. I don't think they'll be announcing any cameras this time around.

I think this announcement will be mostly on Resolve, since that was missed with their last announcement and they couldn't show it off at NAB. There will also be firmware updates for their lineup :

  • We know Braw is coming to VA for the Sigma FP, but there will also be more supported cameras and treats for people with the new VAs.
  • Possible Braw on the original Mini 4.6k (not pro) - That would be spectacular.
  • There might be Braw improvements for all systems - higher frame rates? Maybe 4k Braw on the pocket 6k? Maybe the whole process has been refined?
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