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  1. Would like to test this adapter on the NIkon Z6 with Atomos Ninja V (Apple Raw) and a Sony MK cinema lens.
  2. Why not the Ursa Micro instead? or maybe the Micro Cinema Camera 4K...
  3. Ask the guys from Zacuto and they'll tell you that the C700 has the perfect form factor. It might look a little "ugly" but it is going to balance perfectly on the shoulder.
  4. Even thought I’ve never been a fan of the 70’s image produced by the Digital Bolex, I recognize that it has a very “organic” look and no rolling shutter effect due to the CCD global shutter. So it is sad to see another CCD camera going to the graveyard.
  5. But the Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder is $455 less and matches the URSA cameras (Standard and Mini) perfectly.
  6. I wonder how are Samsung Camera Division and the NX1 doing in North America.
  7. Can the BMD Video Assist be calibrated like the Atomos Ninja Blade? Atomos advertises the Ninja Blade as a “Director Quality Monitor” that can be calibrated with the optional Spyder. I know the Video Assist is higher resolution than the Ninja Blade, but Is the screen also an IPS?
  8. Andrew, you said that maybe your SD card needed to be defragmented. Isn’t "Defrag" something you do only when dealing with hard drives?. Wouldn’t be enough to just format the card?.
  9. Owners of F55s need to start thinking that they paid $12,000 for the Global Shutter and the silver bayonet locking ring...
  10. What kind of media it will use for 4k XAVC S?. If they decided to use SD cards, we can safely assume that the bit rate is going to be limited to 60Mbps. But if it uses the new XQD cards, then there is a big chance that the maximum bit rate is going to be the same as the Sony FDR-AX1 (150Mbps); as long as there is no overheating issues.
  11. I love small cameras with big picture quality. I own a Panasonic TM700 (60fps), a Panasonic GH2 (Hacked), and 2 Gopros. Each one of these cameras has an unique feature that make it ideal for a specific job. But what these cameras have in common is that they are probably the smallest cameras with the best picture quality in their respective categories. They are stealthy and extremely affordable. You can capture images that would be impossible to capture with bigger cameras. The beauty of the Gopros is that after you select the settings, all you have to do is push the shutter button and forget about it; then you can concentrate in your "dangerous" activity. You can give it to anyone and not worry about the person’s ability to operate the camera. Gopros are perfect "crash cams" because of their size, price and build quality. For narrative jobs I would use my hacked GH2. I would like the Gopro people to make a special "spycam", with better sensitivity for low light, low noise, and night vision, that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via your phone, tablet or computer. A black and white mode with lower resolutions for time-laps would be a welcome addition for surveillance operations (sd cards fill up fast at 5mp).
  12. I just noticed that REC MODE is active only when there is nothing connected to the HDMI port on the camera. I can select SH and H but as soon I hook an HDMI cable to the camera, it rolls back to FSH and FH.  Maybe this is a documented limitation. I don't remember how it was before the v1.11 firmware and the PTool hack.  Also, according to StreamParser the Average Total Bitrate of my 720p/60 clip is 15,588,718bps or 15.59mbps. This is similar to the results posted by AZVideo.
  13. Hi Andrew, I just installed your 88 unified patch and everything seen to work fine in 1080p/i. The problem is that REC MODE is grayed out on the menu and the only options I have for REC QUALITY are FSH and FH. Is there anything missing in the patch or is this an operator error? Thanks!
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