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  1. 10 bit is better for green screen (chroma key).
  2. I find Interesting that they are blaming the "...massive decline in markets for imaging products" So, Why the heck they were planning to make Photokina an annual event? I love trade shows and always look forward to them, even if I cannot attend. It is about the whole experience, including visiting exciting destinations like Cologne, Amsterdam, and Las Vegas, but due to the world pandemic we are going to have to settle for virtual alternatives. Online product launches don't have to be dull as proven by Apple's most recent events.
  3. PDAF, PDAF, PDAF....That is what everybody wants to see. It is the year 2020 Panasonic. It is time to join Canon, Sony, and Nikon.
  4. I want Blackmagic Design and Fujifilm to steal this design.
  5. I guess for Mirrorless mount you mean "No Canon EF mount".
  6. The cruise ship video in the demo is the best example of how people can benefit from 12k even if they only intent to distribute in HD. I am thinking that I only going to need one wide prime lens to cover all the focal lengths.😊
  7. Mirrorless mount? What do you mean by that? BMD cinema cameras are already mirrorless and the mount has nothing to do with it.
  8. I would love this but with interchangeable mounts like the Zcam e2.
  9. Too bad the video is in Spanish. It is not the same effect when I understand every single word the toothless man is saying.🤣
  10. Why is every Philip Bloom video posted on Youtube a piece of art? Because he uses 'over-cranking" 95 percent of the time. "Everything looks good in slow motion". That's why I don't see him switching from Sony mirroless to Canon any time soon. Not until they fix the overheating issue at high frame rates.
  11. Would like to test this adapter on the NIkon Z6 with Atomos Ninja V (Apple Raw) and a Sony MK cinema lens.
  12. Why not the Ursa Micro instead? or maybe the Micro Cinema Camera 4K...
  13. Ask the guys from Zacuto and they'll tell you that the C700 has the perfect form factor. It might look a little "ugly" but it is going to balance perfectly on the shoulder.
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