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  1. cliff notes, so with the S5, did Panny fix the autofocus issues of the previous GH and S series cameras?
  2. Um, it was just proven yesterday that you can record 4 hours continuous of 4K HQ to an external recorder like the Ninja V, with no card inserted and with a dummy battery. And then apparently, its a quicker cool down (i.e 5min) and then u can record again. Check out "NoLife" channel on YT. That's plenty of record time for most if not everyone. So it seems recording high res video internally has overheating issues only.
  3. I'm ready to buy a flagship mirrorless camera but: Canon R5: Overheating problems, Sony As7iii: 12 mp sensor (LOL); Panasonic SH1: Autofocus sucks Can't these guys work together and just make the perfect camera? FML...
  4. meh, still think overall the R5 is the best all around mirrorless camera right now. the overheating issues are overblown I think
  5. R5 still more impressive with overall features for a mirrorless full frame format.
  6. "Thus the 4K 30p (and 24/25p) pixel binned non-HQ mode does not have a thermal cut off" Assuming this is true, I'm pretty damn happy. I view the 8k, 4k/120 modes as only special case uses anyway (i.e. 5-10min here or there) so I was never concerned about the overheating limitations in those modes. But it was the 4k/30/24 overheating rumors that was making me nervous. Thx Andrew for digging deeper and confirming this R5 info. Can't wait to get my hands on the R5!
  7. but who's to say the R5 is not reliable? if u looks there are alot of early reviews saying that they had no overheating issues with the R5. in this form factor, do u really think a little fan is gonna improve overheating that much? if u do, then you're just not being realistic. I for one, are grateful for these overheat limitations and warnings to protect the camera. Those who understand the R5, its meant for short bursts of high end 8k, 4k/120 video not elongated usage at these specs. We'll see what happens when the production models roll out but I have a hunch, that the R5 will do 4k/60 or less with no major overheating issues
  8. I'm not sure what the big complaints are. Really, any camera in this form factor having these insane specs is probably going to suffer some overheating issues if you push it to the limits. If you need to record 8k or 4k/120 for more than 20 min, then you should be getting a different dedicated cinema style camera and not a hybrid. Also, it should be noted, that these were all pre-production R5's that people have been testing so overheating issues could be much improved in final versions. Also at this level, people typically record to external recorders like the Atomos Ninja V (for 4k only), which resolves the 30 min recording limit and could also help with the overheating issue.
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