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  1. Been wanting to hack something together for a while. GFX100 metabones speedbooster to hasselblad hasselblad 80mm 2.8 plus fake aperture aivascope 1.5 Am I mad? Also, which do you prefer? The GFX anamorphic or the 5K Leica?
  2. Not a flash hotshoe per se, its for their mi audio connectors. Reckon it will be about $5000, inbetween a7s3 and FX6, cheaper than C70.
  3. Keep saying this but you’ve asked 😂 1) Variable nd inside L mount to ef adapter either canon style or zcam eND style. Or if it fits, an electronic nd internal (only problem is in that small body it prob won’t be removable) 2) small prime set 21 2.8, 45mm 2.8, 75mm 2.8 3) 4K 60 would be nice 4) selectable crop/zoom is always useful (Could also be useful for a directors monitor feature where you throw in a 21mm and then it replicates zooms etc re cadrage and the like) 5) internal prores/braw is always appreciated but recording onto Samsung t5s are a great workflow 6) flippy screen for street shooting
  4. Yeah, I have the 30mm 1.4 EF (I know its different) which actually covers fullframe in 16:9 but I'm looking for fullframe compact primes in the style of the 45mm which is fantastic reminds me of voigtlanders with modern functionality. Otherwise my favorite lenses are the Sigma 20/40 and 50-100 (none are compact)
  5. This cam is looking amazing. 1) Ninja Star style recorder would be amazing/if BRAW could be recorded on SSDs even more so but might mess with BMs fullframe plans. 2) EF ND adapter would get me to buy one straight away. 3) I hope they release a 21mm 2.8 to match the 45mm 2.8 and then a 75mm 2.8 to have an awesome collection of small primes Leica style. Do see this as an awesome directors loupe scouting cam/great for directors personal projects and can't replace my fuji for stills yet but its up there for hybrid of the year.
  6. This is entering ULTIMATE HYBRID territory. I decided on EF lenses long ago when my GH3 kit got nicked, so to have those specs with that EOS R ND adapter is absolutely incredible. There's a lot of choice currently but for me Fuji has been dominating in the hybrid world with both the GFX100 and the XT4/XT3 with autofocus, stills quality, codec, color and price, but what they don't have is an ecosystem which lets it cut in perfectly with professional multicamera productions so I've used it as a C-cam but reluctantly. Sony are always changing their color science, whereas Canon you can mix and match cameras way more easily. I'd still prefer a GFX100, but as a hybrid, this wins on paper.
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