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    • The original has a simple story but logical. This new one has a convoluted but a stupid plot. It works until you think about it.
    • Build in ND filters and body type do not worth two, three or 4 times the money. This is an argument that gets rusty year by year. I do like dedicated video cameras (and prefer them for most jobs), but GH5 is cutting sales from everyone these days, and for a few good reasons.  We will see what EVA will sell this year, but I doubt it will be as profitable the GH5 is for Panasonic, even with a lot bigger profit margin. A7sIII has to be the bomb; Canonikon are preparing full frame mirrorless of their own, Fuji seems capable to achieve great things and they got the lenses to offer the total package. 2018-2019 will be very important for the battle of the Mirrorless. Someone eventually will fold, and will fold for good.
    • Well said @Andrew Reid unbelievable that the 1dc was $12,000. 
    • Hi there, I just uploaded the final teaser trailer to my short film based on the Australian novelist Greg Egan short story of the same name: Axiomatic teaser_3 Thanks to @mercer for his suggestions on the edit for it. I've love any forum readers and indie film fans to check it out and let me know what they think. The full short will premier online next week so stay tuned if you'd like to know more.
    • @lucabutera Honestly, I am perfect with my NX so far. I would be waiting to see what are the new Canon and Nikon full frames bring to the table, before I decide changing systems, and that will happen probably in 2019 (this year I am investing in sound and lighting) Dual Pixel AF of Canon is the best AF experience yet, and I enjoy using it with the Canon C cameras (for when it is needed), and Canon always produces pleasing images that "common folks" like. Fuji is doing really well and listen to their customers. Sony seems to winning the battle so far. we have to see the new cameras of 2018 to understand where the market goes. What can we keep from NX lenses to other mounts? AF? IS? Electronic aperture control?