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    • A lot of current screenwriting suffers from too much exposition and not enough spectacle. It was exactly the case again here. Which is perhaps why I feel so cold emotionally to it. SPOILER ALERT... - When your replicant lover is recreated, it's never going to be the same as the original.
      - Yes, they did try a different look and cinematic language this time out, but like in Arrival which has a very similar tone, I'm sorry but it leaves me cold.
      - Tarkovsky did a similar slowly paced style far better with more spectacle and less talky talky
      - It's not a bad film, it's a very good one but it's highly hyped and overrated by the critics and not a patch on the original in any area apart from Roger Deakins
    • On the topic of F3 love, I just wandered across this: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=75101
    • "Shown vs Told"   They SHOWED us a lot of graphics.  Ok.  But plot wise, we were TOLD more than SHOWN. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!   "This breaks the world"  they TOLD us.  No it doesn't.  Didn't really SHOW anything close to that.
      "You bought a war" thanks for TELLING us.  Where?  Didn't SHOW us.
      "You've never seen a miracle" thanks for TELLING us.  We didn't SEE it either, but HEARD about it.
      "You do not know pain", they TELL us, then SHOW us a scene with almost no connection.  So? "I'm the bad guy, but my story falls away completely, and nothing will happen to me until the sequel's sequel"  Ok, I adlibbed here, but why even watch this??? I enjoyed the 3D too.   But it is not for everyone. Just disappointed they kept TELLING us how "important" everything was, but not SHOWING us.  I felt nothing for most of it.
    • It's like playing the lottery.  Number 1 has a very small chance of bringing you a huge return.  It also has the chance to bring nothing.  Number 2 has less of a ceiling.  It's the "safe" pick.  So it should depend on how much you need the money and whether you're in a position to be risky (if that's even part of your personality). Generally, I am a risk taker so I would go with the first choice, but only if I had the financial security (within reason) to do so.
    • @Ollywood88 yes. I use edit ready 2.0 to transcode everything to ProRes LT. For fancy projects I do just standard 422. I edit on a base model MacBook Pro 13” so I usually start the transcode at night and wake up with it finished.  @Ty Harper I used to shoot 5d3 raw but it’s been several years so I don’t think I can speak to it. You’d want to I guess go from BMD film to Canon Log LUT or something in resolve. That’s what I would try. Or just use film convert. I’ll make some extensive 1DC reviews for you guys. It’ll be fun.