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    • Yes.  I, random stranger on the internet, affirm that you made the correct camera purchase for yourself.  Congratulations.  You are awesome.  Now go make something interesting with it.
    • I'd read that shotguns weren't ideal for indoors, but I think I was confusing super cardioid shotguns with hyper cardioid mics.  I think I may look into renting or borrowing a hyper cardioid (I live near Sweetwater, so I'm sure there is someone I know who can loan me something), and then maybe I'll invest in a lav setup, because it's something that I'd personally use more routinely.  You helped me onto the next step, thanks! '
    • Hey fellas - It's been a little while since I picked up my NX1 and I don't think I've ever used the EVF.  So..about a week ago, I noticed that I couldn't focus far away objects while looking through the EVF.  Close objects looked to be no problem.  However, the LCD is just fine.  Maybe it's my eyes but has anyone else seen this?
    • @Drew Allegre they are only 30-30μW (or is it Volt?!), while in Europe the limit is 50, and some pro devices can go up to 100. Their range is terrible -in my opinion - but all the rest are good, even the included lav mic is ok. If they were 50, they would be just amazing, now they are really good. I do not know, or understand feet.
    • For indoor a shotgun mic is a no go. Do a little research. There are a few options, I am split between an Audix scx1 Hyper Cardioid and a Neumann MT185 myself. If you put a mic on a stand, the Oktava 012 with the hyper cardioid capsule can be your cheapest bet, but I would strongly advice for one of the above. Sony wireless system is quite good. If you up the game with a better capsule then it can be really great. I use both a hyper cardiod and a wireless lav on such interviews.