Rivers – A New GH1 Short


I’ve always had a thing for how skies slowly change.

When I was young, my father used to take me out for bike rides. We’d ride the same paths and see the same sights every time. Our bike ride route seemed like something unique to us, that nobody else could imitate. Now as adults, people pound the same old roads and pavements every day and its clear their paths aren’t unique, and the roads don’t belong to them (unless you drive a 4×4 Audi). I remember looking at the clouds with my dad and feeling incredibly sentimental as it changed, and as clouds formed and separated. As you can see, sentimentality seems to be the order of the day in terms of this blog!

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Panasonic and Fuji representatives attended the Great HDSLR Shootout

The first episode of Zacuto’s Great HDSLR Shootout versus 35mm film aired yesterday. Here are my thoughts on all the first episode and all cameras involved. It is very exciting stuff. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you check it out before reading further. I won’t give away the plot in it’s entirety – rather talk about some things which stood out for me.

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Exclusive Interview with Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures, City of Lakes

EOSHD.com today interviewed award winning film-maker Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures whose monumental effort on reality / fiction hybrid City of Lakes is turning heads in the film industry. Steve Weiss of Zacuto has been championing Kevin and for good reason – his use of HDSLRs, in particular the Canon 5D Mk II and 7D have taken the technology to new heights as you can see in the trailer for City of Lakes.

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