When you have a Need For Speed there are two people you can call – Shane Hurlbut or Metabones. The Metabones Speed Booster adapters give us apertures as fast as F0.64 from the rare Canon EF 50mm F1.0. The XL 0.64x version fits the GH4 and turns the scruffy 2.3x crop 4K into a shiny Super 35mm unicorn. F1.2 becomes F0.88. The Ultra 0.74x version for E-mount fits the A7R II and turns the…

EOSHD is now 5 years old and 5 years proudly advertising free. I want it to stay 100% impartial. I grew up with the BBC and they are the role model for me. No advertising on EOSHD. Nice rhyme to it doesn’t it?! In part 1 of the Sony A7R II review we will look at the A7R II not as a consumer camera but as a professional cinema camera. The benchmark for…

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The EOSHD Sony A7R II Setup Guide and LUT Pack – Now available!

I have created a detailed guide to the Sony A7R II with my preferred best video settings for the camera as well as an exciting new colour-path for the camera which adds a Canon LOG style picture profile to the A7R II. This delivers much more satisfying colour and more easily…

Creative Filmmaking

“The Quiet Escape” shot on the Samsung NX1 by Ed David

This is a marvellous example of what a single filmmaker can make out of thin air shot with real-world subject matter the film industry would consider “nothing”, using a tool that most pros would think is barely beyond “nothing” too.