Full 1080p high bitrate GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition footage now available for download

Download the video here (Vimeo Plus members only)

As well as having the coolest name for a camera ever conceived, this is a camera that kind of makes you wonder what the Japanese camera manufacturers have been up to all this time. Although the 720/120fps mode is shared by Panasonic, the GoPro team have smashed a number of barriers here in terms of 4K / 2.7K resolution and processing power in such a small camera, for a frankly unbelievable $400.

EOSHD takes a look at the new HERO3 camera.

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Introduction to LOMO OCT 19 cinema lenses on the GH2 and FS100

Dreamleaver cast Lili & Niklas

Above: Lily & Niklas magic hour amour, shot with OCT 19 LOMO 35mm anamorphic

The OCT19 mount is a Super 35mm cinema camera mount from Russia, essentially was their equivalent of PL mount.

Long time EOSHD readers will know I am in love with the look of OCT 18 mount lenses, but mechanically speaking they are very basic. OCT 19 lenses are improved mechanically, much more solid.

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For the curious – Panasonic GH3 updated hardware and firmware report

Panasonic GH3

Thanks to a chance encounter I was able to very briefly try a GH3 this week in Barcelona. The camera was on loan from Panasonic and not available to the public to try, it was part of the private beta test program but they very kindly let me give my impressions of it after a brief 20 minute play with the camera behind closed doors. Again this was not the final camera but it had some interesting tweaks compared to the models Panasonic brought to Photokina last month.

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera rumour of revised camera in 2013 with active MFT mount

BMC MFT mount camera

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera hasn’t shipped in volume yet but already there is talk of quite an extensively revised camera according to my good friend 43Rumors. If this is true (and I stress – IF!!) then I have mixed feelings because I think it is WAY too soon to be doing a ‘Blackmagic Cinema Camera V1.5’ in early 2013, effectively making your existing cameras obsolete before they have even shipped.

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