Signs of Spielberg’s predicted “crash and burn” as Lone Ranger bombs

Lone Ranger

Spielberg recently said he felt the multiplex cinema filmmaking industry was heading for implosion, where someone making a $250m popcorn movie forgets to add a compelling reason for an audience to see it. A string of massively costly flops follow, bringing the system to its knees. The soft opening of Lone Ranger (a western with Johnny Depp by the makers of Pirates of the Caribbean) points to Spielberg being right on the money…

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My take on the Canon 70D

canon 70d-2

Finally after 4 years a genuinely new sensor on a Canon APS-C camera!

The 60D was one of the best value cameras in the Canon range and the 70D is a nice step forward albeit at a higher launch price this time ($1199).

It has a brand new sensor promising improved video quality and reliable AF tracking but the lack of compact flash card slot will hold it back when it comes to any raw video potential.

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SKIN – First professional short film to use 5D Mark III Magic Lantern raw, a guest post by Andrew Wonder

Turning blue blood green with raw on the 5D Mark III. A dying woman wakes deep in a strange place, a wounded dancer wanders crumbling hallways. All footage was shot between 1250 and 5000 ISO.

Andrew Wonder (Undercity / blog) has just released a narrative short film shot in anamorphic (a modified Iscorama called the Wonderscope) on the 5D Mark III in raw. Here is a guest post from Andrew on the making of – and his take on the DSLR raw revolution.

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