For his upcoming snowy western Tarantino unearthed special cameras and 1.25x anamorphic lenses at Panavision which hadn’t seen the light of day since 1965. The film was shot on 65mm film and will get a ‘Roadshow’ release on Christmas day in amazing 70mm.

Comment on the forum Right now I am shocked at the lack of innovative product design coming out of the DSLR market lead by Canon and Nikon and the failure to respond to the growing threat of consumer smartphones. Canon’s response has been to ignore the shrinking consumer market by focusing on business to business technologies like security cameras and the pro video market with Cinema EOS. Nikon’s response has been to…

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Official statement: Samsung withdraws from camera market in Germany

After recent statements by Samsung customer support and other rumours regarding the future of their cameras, the company reached out to me seeking to clarify the situation. I’m afraid for Samsung fans it isn’t good news. You can read their official statement below…


Blackmagic Video Assist Review

Out of the blue Blackmagic sent me the new Video Assist, which isn’t quite yet shipping at B&H (pre-orders are available) or CVP but will be soon. Here is an early look at the device and what it can do.

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