HDMI monitor manufacturers continue to miss a trick by not building an ultra thin monitor the size of a smartphone (or phablet) with build in battery rather than a bulky brick-like Sony NP block on the back of a chunky monitor. Now a solution might be at hand to turn your existing Android smartphone or tablet into an HDMI monitor and even recorder.

Panasonic now provide a smaller version of the VariCam S35 which is aimed squarely at the high end cinema market. The VariCam LT is Panasonic’s answer to the Alexa Mini and also competes with the Canon C300 Mark II and Sony F55 although at $18k for the body-only is a world away from the Sony FS7 pricing when it comes to the wider pro market for b-cameras and drones.

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All is revealed – Canon 1D X Mark II video FAQ

In this FAQ a number of sources fill in the blanks for the 1D X Mark II’s impressive video capabilities, especially Ebrahim (thanks) on the EOSHD Forum via his official Canon contacts. Why MJPEG and not H.264? What are the crop factors in 4K mode and 120fps slow-mo? Is Dual Pixel AF…


Sony FS5 – why I bought one

The Sony FS5 is a miniature version of the FS7 cinema camera and Sony’s competitor to the Canon C100 Mk II. It’s also one of the most capable slow-mo cameras, with a 10bit 4:2:2 internal codec at 240fps.

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