Introducing EOSHD Pro Color EOSHD Pro Color is a highly optimised in-camera profile for your Sony camera, to deliver punchy Canon-like 4K and 1080p straight out of camera. Dump the default settings and fix a host of colour issues. Apply once. Shoot. These colour correction settings are easy to apply and fundamentally change the image processor’s approach to color and white balance, lending an artists’s eye to the camera and the way it handles ambience…

Comment on the forum I got to play with the new Olympus E-M1 II today, a pro Micro Four Thirds camera they hope will sell for $2000. It certainly pulls out all the stops to imitate a miniature 1D X Mark II. This camera does NOT crop the sensor in 4K mode like the GH4. Instead, it over-samples from 5K down to 4K, using the full width of the sensor even with sensor-shift…

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Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy – Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater? The Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 have been warned. Fujifilm has arrived! No really. The X-T2 shoots the best 4K I have yet seen for $1500, with a great lens range, pleasing colour science, less rolling shutter and a different approach to ergonomics to Sony.

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