Hands on with the Sony A7R II


This first hands on is with a pre-production model, so no footage for now. Instead on Wednesday August 5th I will shoot for the first time with the final retail boxed Sony A7R II in Berlin at a boxing academy. Be sure to check out EOSHD for that and the full review next week. The Sony A7R II represents a significant escalation in specs for both stills and video, a truly next generation…

SLR Magic Rangefinder footage – kiss goodbye to lens breathing AND Kowa anamorphic goes single focus


I have been out shooting with the SLR Magic Rangefinder. Key features: It completely takes over focus from any lens Solves lens breathing (reduces to such low level it isn’t noticeable) Adds cinema standard 240 degrees focus ring with FF gearing and hard stops Reduces minimum focus distance of all anamorphic lenses to 1m (even long-throw projector lenses) For those who shoot anamorphic especially this will be music to your ears. These shooters…

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Creative Filmmaking

“The Quiet Escape” shot on the Samsung NX1 by Ed David

This is a marvellous example of what a single filmmaker can make out of thin air shot with real-world subject matter the film industry would consider “nothing”, using a tool that most pros would think is barely beyond “nothing” too.