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    Or Panasonic, who make some of the very best fancy multi function toilets. Panasonic - Great for IBIS, Great for IBS. Have that Saatchi & Saatchi !
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Within the week; I'm finishing the last details and trying to figure out email. Email is a logistical nightmare
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    Fuji X-T4

    Since the XT3 and XT4 are so good, they should just go all out with the X-H2 and make it first and foremost a video camera. Make it an XC-15 style camera (or a smaller C100), with modular XLR adapter, internal NDs, all the video codecs, timecode, etc etc - plus the things people don't believe belong in a cinema camera - like IBIS. Go right up against the lower end ($2,500 - $4,000) cinema lineup that Sony, Canon, and Panasonic have abandoned (other than the S1H, which is still a hybrid mirrorless photo camera). Finally give the X-Mount a reason for their beautiful X-Mount cinema zooms and great mini primes. Make the ultimate doc/journalist/one-man-band camera.
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    Andrew Reid

    Canon EOS R5 8K monster official topic

    4K on the A7R IV at 60MP is actually very good, it's a nice image. D850 from 46MP also very impressive. Does it pixel-peep as well as oversampled 6K? Is it as good in low light as an A7S? Not quite, but within the normal usable window where 90% of shots are it is closer than you'd think and up on the big screen it looks great. I see the EOS R6 having better 4K than the EOS R5. On the R5 it will probably be pixel binned 4K in full frame mode. If it is oversampled from 8K I'll be surprised, and if oversampled from 6K it'll have a crop. Rolling shutter in 8K will be something to watch out for. It'll probably be quite bad, if you look at current fastest electronic shutter (Sony A9), that is a 24MP chip with stacked DRAM. The 'normal' 24MP chips have quite bad rolling shutter in 6K full pixel readout stills mode. So either Canon has a very fast running sensor the likes we have never seen before, or there will be a big trade off somewhere. That's why I think its sensible to wait for the R6 specs to come out. Maybe wait until June to make a decision. As per the R6 rumours, 1D X III specs in a mirrorless camera for $3000 would be very attractive, especially if they keep internal 5.5K RAW in there.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    So having shot with the bmpcc4k now for most of 2019 figured I'd share a finished video if anyone is thinking about doing wedding work with one.
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    Personally I'd in general strongly recommend NOT getting deep into debt to get into the film industry! Recipe for distaste if not very very careful. But to answer your question, it depends a LOT on where you live, what your credit score is, how many assets you have, if it is a secured or unsecured loan, what your income is, how much you are borrowing, what you're borrowing it for, etc etc etc
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    1 Shot Car Chase Scene

    Car chases are always exciting, but this scene just looks rediculous. Huge props to the camera team, but have been a highly stressful situation for the guy in the passenger seat.
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    Only SOMETIMES? 😉 Whoops! I mean "disaster" of course. Although it can be a recipe which leaves a distaste as well if it all goes pear shaped! There are some rare exceptions when it might make sense, to borrow or lease. Perhaps when you've signed a contract for a steady flow of work coming in, and everything is already inked and signed in blood. Perhaps you'll feel it is worth the risk to prematurely jump ahead before the invoices are even paid? Still is a risk. Plus there could sometimes be tax benefits around leasing vs owning outright. But you shouldn't be asking a bunch of internet accountants (nearly as bad as internet lawyers!) for advice on this point. And if you're not making a full time income from this line of work, then don't do it. Get at least a basic level of money coming in the door first! Walk before you run.
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    Adam Kuźniar

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    I for one can't wait for 300$ chinese anamorphic clones to start coming up.
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    Swappable lens mounts? Over-sampled sensor (4.6K) for better 4K quality? Recording straight to affordable SSD drives (either via USB-C or an integrated module)? Cheapest camera to use V-Locks natively? One of the best viewfinders available today? Internal compressed raw recording that avoids Red's pesky patent? One of the best UI's of any digital cameras ever? Larger internal displays (though admittedly the one on the Pocket is not that good - perhaps even as bad in daylight as the one Panasonic put on the EVA1)? Prores recording to SD cards (appeared first on the Video Assist monitors)? It's ok not to like their products. They've certainly had their issues over the years. But it makes you look rather silly when you ignore everything they've done and denigrate all their achievements because of some grudge.
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    Wrong. The poor Canon spent all it's budget in the 24p license, no money left to license 30p.
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    Pro tip: set camera sharpness to the max in the camera when shooting raw, to be able to focus better. I use this for raw stills and for shooting raw video, it really helps to see the focus area.
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    Being an iPhone owner I totally missed this: This is great and I hope Apple follows suit in opening up their API. For all the advancements in mobile phone imaging, I feel like the baked in sharpening artifacts are the one of the weakest areas of mobile video now that DR and low light are starting to improve. This seriously makes me want to get an Android just for video.
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    So, you guys think that Canon's R5 & R6 announcement has nothing to do with this? I mean, is it possible that sony was caught off guard and the plans for the a7sIII no longer make sense so they have to go back to the drawing board... These new Canon cameras will surly impact Sony's mirrorless market share.
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    I am interested in 8K, but aside from delivering better quality 4K, which frankly 6K can do, I'm not sure there's a huge need for it in my workflow. Yes, there is the crop possibilities. But what of the trade off. As others have said, there will well be more rolling shutter, there will massive file sizes. Maybe limited recording time. To be honest, what interests me is the codec, the extra functionality of the camera. 8K makes a fine boast, but until I'm delivering 6K footage, it is not something I urgently need. I'd be more excited if they announced Canon were developing a camera that shot ProRes and had internal ND filters, SSD recording, different aspect ratios filming.. There a tonne of useful video functions I would like to see in mirrorless cameras, and I hate to see them neglected just because manufacturers focus on the resolution war.
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    This was a nice moment at IBC 2019. Hopefully John can come back and tell us about the Olympus! He's much missed here.
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    Favorite lenses FD 24 1.4L

    driving back from melbourne. i found a park with a war plane in it. I remember the plane being on its wheels and about 50 meters from the main road pretty much behind where you are standing. I dont think the park was that big either and i remember the plane being bigger. I did take turn around and stopped to take a few photos but cant seem to find them at the moment. More towns should have planes or attractions, breaks up the monotony of a long drive. Probably should put a pie shop across the road from the attraction as well.
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    Sometimes you give very sagacious and beneficial advice.
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    OLPF Ursa mini worth it?

    I'd rate an IR cut filter as more important than a moire one.
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    Fuji X-T4

    I still believe Fuji has too many different lines of cameras to support in a declining market (plus a recession will hit soon, making it even harder to support too many lines of cameras), thus they need to kill off at least one camera line. The X-H series is the most likely one on the chopping block. (just wish the X-T series had a top LCD!)
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    JR Lipartito

    Fuji X-T4

    I think Fuji is smart to hold off on the X-H2 and put out this "evolutionary" XT4 as a stopgap. One of the problems with the X-H1 was that it just inherited old sensor and processor tech from the X-T2 and put it into a better body. So it was a little underwhelming from the start and easily upstaged when the XT3 came out little more than a year later with X-Trans 4 and X-Processor 4. Rather than repeat the same mistake, they're putting out the X-T4 with IBIS and new battery giving X-H1 owners a viable upgrade path (imperfect as the ergonomics are) while buying themselves enough time (maybe six months to a year) to perfect a new X-Trans 5 sensor and X-Processor 5 for the X-H2, which will establish it as the true flagship. All models after that will inherent tech from the X-H2, including the X-T5, rather than the other way around. Will they lose some customers along the way? Maybe, but it will pale in comparison to what they will gain with the revolution of X-Trans 5 and the rebirth of the X-H.
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    Fuji X-T4

    Wondering about the meanings of boost modes: boost AF - boost Res
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    Fuji X-T4

    I am pumped for this camera. IBIS + a bigger battery were definitely the two biggest reasons I was holding on to my GH5 as my take anywhere, traveling video production camera. But Fuji strikes the perfect balance of small, compact, lightweight (lenses especially), high-quality, large sensor, great image, great color, good AF, etc etc. Full-frame is great, but lenses do get big and expensive FAST. And MFT suffers from low light performance and not good AF - and the high-end lenses are more expensive than the Fujis. Not to mention the Fujis are much better photography cameras. Love the XT3, but the lack of IBIS and dismal battery life always held me back. Looks like both of those are fixed. Can't wait to sang the XT4 as my travel, small production video camera. Hope it gets true 10-bit 422 (rather than 420) and some sort of 4k 120fps burst mode.
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    Brian Williams

    Fuji X-T4

    Are people not happy with the focusing system of the X-T3? Maybe not dual-pixel AF, but easily as good as Sony’s implementation on their cameras, no? I wouldn’t hold my breathe on the R5 just yet, I know everyone is losing their shit over the potential of it (and rightly so if it turns out to be as good as it sounds) but never underestimate Canon’s ability to really screw things up, especially when something is suddenly leap-frogging all their current hardware; I’m interested to see what their version of 8K actually entails, or the quality of their IBIS. Or, at least, the price! Assuming that rumored €9999 price is wrong, but we’ll see. If correct, it shouldn’t be in the same conversation as a $1700 X-T4.
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    Gotta lure him in here for a few words perhaps... @John Brawley
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    Show me some vintage glass on this beast. This is an indie filmmakers dream! An all in one Varicam GH2 with IBIS. Anyone with a 20mm Canon FD on this beast?
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    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    3 or 4 years ago this would've been a huge release. Today though it's hard to justify spending $900 on this when there's so many options out there, even from Canon themselves. I'm sure it'll be a good, maybe even great, camera, but it's 2020... These specs are real late to the party.
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    Geoff CB

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    Having fun with a lighting test, thought it showed off the rendering pretty well. Nikon 24-70 2.8G at 24mm on a Nikon Z6. Shot in nlog, graded with ACES.
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    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    It shoots 4K at 24p exclusively, so that means it is meant for serious cinematographers only. No home videos, blockbusters only. No wonder no has the cohones to step up to it.
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    No love for the Canon T8i ?

    FHD up to.... 24P!! WHAT. THE. FVXK. Please tell me that is a typo, otherwise what kind of sick joke is this? Edit: "Full specs on Canon's site says 24 fps for 4k, and 60 fps for 1080p." That's somewhat less bonkers. But still, surely you'd just rather buy a Panasonic G9 instead for roughly the same price?
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    Zak Forsman

    Kinefinity price drops

    No, I own a Z-Cam F6 and have since november. It has had ProRes from the beginning.
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    Benjamin Hilton

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Here it is:
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    Wow Sony is lame. Looks like Canon is back on top. That being said, I just bought an FS7. The second-hand prices are crazy right now! I'm years late to the party, but the form factor and codecs are right and my clients like them in spite of the color science. I hate the color science! The coronavirus is such a nightmare. I thought it was only killing the infirm, but according to the BBC article it looks like a lot of middle-aged folks are dying, too. Maybe they would have survived in hospital? So sad...
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    Yeah, if only John was still a regular on these forums....
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro

    Fuji X-T4

    Accodring to Fuji Rumors, the price will be $1700, $200 more than the XT-3.
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