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  1. This is my first post here so hi to everyone. I must say the R5 is great news for all of us that started filming dslr with Canon. And most of us do not care about 8k so much, we care for a solid 4k with more than 30fps and maybe 10bit. As a Sony current user (weddings), i would love to be able to get back to Canon asap. I must say that everytime i check in my old files some C100 footage (my favourite WDR profile), i miss it. But Sony gave us easy and inexpensive tools, HD 120 fps, 4k, and in a price that most people can buy. This is the key, the price. And there is a price point (Sony has it) that a camera can be a hit and win the market or stay in low sales. I think arround 3000-3500$ is that mark. In the wedding film industry where i am , its hard already for anyone to beat Sony. Sony managed every of its camera "issues", disadvantages, characteristics to become normal, almost a must for every wedding clip. And got many well know wedding videographers for ambassadors. So maybe Canon should make the "revolution" along with a greeat product give a better price than Sony's. And even so it will take time for other brand shooters to change all of their cameras and lenses and give back to Canon its 5d era. Maybe the R6 is coming to help there, i dont know. One thing is for sure, this year is going to be a battlefield for Canon and Sony. Who will win? The one that gives the most and cost less.
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