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  1. How can they deliver so much DR with a 12bit adc?
  2. Is this your observation or a stated fact?
  3. Where did you read this?
  4. I specifically read that it downsamples 4K to HD. I'll have to find it
  5. this is a tock not a tick. but i, for one, require reliability above all else
  6. I would have put good AF at the top of your list 🙂 that's why I sold my S1. If you don't need AF, there are a lot of good options (although it's true that you have to step down to a cropped sensor to get 4k60p without a crop before r5/r6/a7s3)
  7. My guess, based on your analysis of the R5 internals, is that Canon intentionally neglected heat management in a bid to limit its appeal to video shooters. But they overshot the mark. (or maybe they only ever wanted hobbyist videographers to buy in) Meanwhile, Sony capped the resolution of the A7SIII to limit its appeal to photogs and hybrid shooters. Works for me though. I just want a low-light beast with good AF and 10-bit beefy codecs to ride on my Ronin-S all day
  8. Woof - so no s-cinetone? that would be a great letdown
  9. I think Andrew is wrong about the color - didn't they claim it matches FX9/Venice? Also on the price - do you know that for certain, Andrew? I was given the impression it would be about $3500 in the US.
  10. Actually, according to Gerald it is probably line-skipped and not pixel-binned in non-HQ mode!!!
  11. People are upset because the hype was so grand. Also I heard a rumor that R5 overheating caused the coronavirus outbreak 😉 bad joke
  12. Logically, the most challenging situations are as challenging as Johnnie's situation or moreso. To put it another way, if the camera won't work for every documentary application then it is not a documentary camera. But again, I agree that it would have been more useful to determine when/how/if you can use it if he had given us more information.
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