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  1. Andrew, I'm impatiently waiting for your pocket4k review! Can't wait to see what look you get out of it! 8k should give us nice HD, so why not!
  2. respect andrew! it takes a lot to admit to a mistake, even more so publicly! i know you get a lot of abuse for putting your honest opinion out there. amzing work over the years, please keep it up! i come here regularily for your opinion which is usually against the grain which i enjoy!
  3. so calling out sexism and racism and connecting it with eurocentrims is peronalizing things? a post that starts with excusing sexism is useless no matter what arguments follow.
  4. is it your british upbringing or a personal trauma that is responsible for the sexist and racist bias in this post? where is the connection between the sexist joke in the elevator, black panther and Lars van Trier? there is none. it is all very differnt things. the only connection are your own white boy tears. this post shows what you are made of and it is a little sad. i feel sorry for you that you expose yourself in this way on the internet. i know another person who would argue in the same way as you. currently he´s president of the united states.
  5. i think you are reading the the list of cameras in the tribeca film festival wrong. if any companies should worry, it´s sony and panasonic. the F5/55 can´t even challenge red. if the GH2/3/4 offer superior video quality to canon then, where are they? (damn the color science, damn the FF look, damn using eos lenses natively, damn the marketing strategy!) you, the writer of this blog, are wealthy enough to own a 1Dc, next to numerous other imaging devices. so for you to whine about canon is as hypocrite as taylor swifts whining about apple paying her a couple of millions less this year.
  6. hi andrew, great work as usual! what lenses were you using for the 1:1 crop? sorry if this has been asked before, but there´s 18 pages of comments already...
  7. my switar 10mm 1.6 vignettes quite strongly on my j1.
  8. i think the ikonoskop looks more cinematic to some, including me, because of the higher black levels. in projection film never had as low blacks as digital. this makes the image look less crisp and adds to the nice filmic softness. the grade of the bmcc with the dark blacks seems to swallow information in the shadows, while the dark greys seem to make the iko image richer or more balanced in information. so maybe it´s also a question of grading, of not bringing down the blacks as far as technically possible but to go for a slight grey tone that gives me the impression that i could look into the shadows if i wanted to.   great comparison! thanks!
  9. looks very nice. the only thing that bothers me is the rolling shutter at the boxer. in his left right movements his head looks kinda wobbly. probably pronounced by the slow-mo.
  10.     it is true of course that the difference between ff and crop sensor is small.   but it would be fun to do the experiment. some medium dof shots, some interior, some exterior. probably i will fail!
  11. somebody has tested it:   http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/01/metabones-magic#more-11888
  12. thank you for this very informative test andrew.   but don´t be fooled. you are not getting a ff camera, you are getting a wider lens, that´s all.   a crop image with the same dof as a full frame or medium format will always look different. that´s why people shoot hasselblad. because the physical size of the sensor defines how space is rendered. it has little to do with the lens or that actual focal length. a large format shot at f64 with everything in focus from 1 meter to infinity will look very different from the same shot on a smaller format with the same dof. i can´t tell you why, but my eyes tell me. the larger the format the more "relaxed" the image looks i think.   also a lens is a complex system where each component is produced specifically for it. the same glass for every lens out there doesn´t sound like a great idea. that´s probably why nobody really did it yet. andrews great test shows it. works for some, for some it doesn´t.   i´d rather get an actual 35mm on s35 if i want the angle of view of a ff 50mm. especially if i have to stop down anyway for the same corner sharpness.   the added stop in sensitivity will come in handy no doubt, also for wide angle on the bmc this might be a blessing until someone builds fine lenses for that format (if it will survive the next 2 years.) but it is in no way a game changer.
  13. am i just not understanding it? is it not just something like a fixed zoom lens? or lets say similar to a 35-50 f2.8 to 4 zoom but just to screw on? in the end the physical sensor size doesn´t change.   does it really create a ff image on a crop sensor or doesn´t it just work as a wide angle converter? or is the same? if it is i´d like a medium format to f-mount speed booster please! that would be really revolutionary. and would save me 30.000 for a H4D! there must be a catch why nobody has done that so far. there is hasselblad to nikkor adaptor, but withoutbthe glass.
  14. this film is completely misunderstood! it´s actually a brilliant satire! it´s a bad taste version of spaceballs! he´s even mocking digital cinema and cgi with the video look! brilliant! and the hollywood neo-cons with his facist undertones! ("there i saw someone i could follow!") and he smuggled in some fast forward scenes right at the beginning! (bilbo getting his letters is definitley running too fast, that´s not just 48frames look.)   3d really has bigger problems than frame rate, but it is the easiest to tamper with. the polarized light technique is rubbish. the filter glasses take away too much light and contrast and give a horrible greenish tint. the material has to be oversaturated and the dr compressed so strongly to compensate for what the polarization process takes away. if these where the shadows and highlights that  the epic actually produces nobody would work with it. fast motion still is disturbing. i felt nausea more than once during the show.   high framerates have until now been used for effect and that´s where they belong. but then that´s what the hobbit is, one very long effect sequence.
  15. i have graded some ikonoskop shots last year and was deeply impressed by its 16mm film like quality. there was only something strange with red tones, a magenta hue that was difficult to deal with. it´s visible in the red vs ikonoskop clip posted above. slightly exaggerated reds. but otherwise very close to a filmic tonal response. closer than anything i´ve seen from bmcc so far. looking forward to your test footage!
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