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  1. How can they deliver so much DR with a 12bit adc?
  2. Is this your observation or a stated fact?
  3. Where did you read this?
  4. I specifically read that it downsamples 4K to HD. I'll have to find it
  5. this is a tock not a tick. but i, for one, require reliability above all else
  6. I would have put good AF at the top of your list 🙂 that's why I sold my S1. If you don't need AF, there are a lot of good options (although it's true that you have to step down to a cropped sensor to get 4k60p without a crop before r5/r6/a7s3)
  7. My guess, based on your analysis of the R5 internals, is that Canon intentionally neglected heat management in a bid to limit its appeal to video shooters. But they overshot the mark. (or maybe they only ever wanted hobbyist videographers to buy in) Meanwhile, Sony capped the resolution of the A7SIII to limit its appeal to photogs and hybrid shooters. Works for me though. I just want a low-light beast with good AF and 10-bit beefy codecs to ride on my Ronin-S all day
  8. Woof - so no s-cinetone? that would be a great letdown
  9. I think Andrew is wrong about the color - didn't they claim it matches FX9/Venice? Also on the price - do you know that for certain, Andrew? I was given the impression it would be about $3500 in the US.
  10. Actually, according to Gerald it is probably line-skipped and not pixel-binned in non-HQ mode!!!
  11. People are upset because the hype was so grand. Also I heard a rumor that R5 overheating caused the coronavirus outbreak 😉 bad joke
  12. Logically, the most challenging situations are as challenging as Johnnie's situation or moreso. To put it another way, if the camera won't work for every documentary application then it is not a documentary camera. But again, I agree that it would have been more useful to determine when/how/if you can use it if he had given us more information.
  13. Meh yeah it could have been more informative. But the thing about doc shooting is there will be times you're rolling for hours on end in hot situations. If the camera can't handle the most challenging situations, then it is not a GENERAL PURPOSE DOCUMENTARY CAMERA. We could have learned more, but at least we learned that
  14. I miss the S1 but I knew I would. I don't regret selling it - especially since I'm shooting like 1/8 my normal volume right now! The fact is that the S1 would never have the features I want long-term (AF and no-crop 4K60) so I would want to upgrade sooner or later. I have other cameras (fs7, gh5 +...) so it's not like i can't shoot. I'm hoping that the A7SIII does it for me and that i won't need to upgrade it for 5+ years. If not the A7SIII then maybe i will just keep waiting for the right camera to come along.
  15. I think the R5 RS is fine based on what I've seen and the R6 RS is weak-sauce. Someone wrote that they got an overheat warning shooting 8K and then switched to 4K (binned I presume) and kept shooting. I imagine that only works if you do so before it shuts off
  16. So basically you're saying - we should all buy an R5 so we can get in on the class action lawsuit? JK I honestly doubt there will be a successful lawsuit because canon has been pretty up-front about documenting the manner of overheating. They have covered their ass after showing it. And I read a lot of people saying they'll be happy to steal extra shots with the camera or use it for photography and get the occasional video clip. It has a purpose even if it won't do what i want
  17. People crapped on Sony for overheating. And it's a different time now. And the R5 is just so close to perfection that it's painful
  18. Maybe you are right but it seems optimistic. I want a workhorse not a show pony. I sold my S1 to get something with AF and no-crop 4k60p but that camera was beautifully bulletproof. It just got out of my way and I didn't ever have to worry about it
  19. I like you and your blog and I think you're funny. But even so, I don't like all this personal negativity. I dont see the value in giving as good as you get. Seems better to me to rise above. One thing I like about newsshooter is how neutral the tone stays. I like where you're going with the comic direction and some of your posts have been really very funny. But I dont need the negativity in my life, it's why I quit twitter. That being said - i agree that behiri is not giving us a lot of information I would like to know and I think he was very rude to you. But he has a point - if it didnt work for him to shoot documentary style on a typical shoot, it might not work for a typical shoot for me either. In any case, I dont want to be stressing about the camera. This is clearly not a documentary camera. PS I hope I'm not coming off too critical or annoying. I love your blog and your insight - keep up the good work
  20. If you have questions you'd like to ask him on that thread about the Great, I'm sure he'd be glad to answer. It seems to me that he mixes the UMP with the Alexa because the form factor is great for loose handheld shooting (lightweight enough, handgrip and monitor rigged on board). So, he uses the UMP when he wants to improv handheld. The image quality is on par with Alexa and he could probably use a Mini or a RED, but the UMP comes rigged to shoot that way. Plus, he has a relationship with the company and probably got them to design it to his liking. And lastly, the price is low enough that he owns 4. So he can bring them for extra angles and back-ups and I don't think it breaks his bank. The 12K - maybe he'll only buy 1 or 2. But it seems like he really likes the color fidelity and the clarity of the image, and it has the same body and operability.
  21. I think you're striking a good balance, Andrew. Life is full of nuance. One can be happy for the features they've included and disappointed by the limitations. Best to see things clearly. Now, let's see if the A7SIII overheats...
  22. Hmm no surprises there. Another point scored by Komodo and its global shutter
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