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    • I just paid for my V-log option. The features of the camera warrant keeping it for sure. This is what Panasonic said about not putting V-log into the GH5.   “Panasonic: For [typical] customers, V-Log L [is] too difficult, actually. V-Log L [is especially intended] for cinema people, [as] they like a very flat tone curve. For normal people and broadcasters, I think this function is not so interesting, and if we put V-log into [the cameras] without any charge, in that case it’s a little bit difficult to explain how to use [it].” Anyway, I'll have my V-log.
    • @mercer Thanks very much - I guess I should have posted the trailer here rather than another area. I used a full set of Zeiss ZF primes with 1/4BPM for the interiors and then mostly the Asahi Takumar primes for the exteriors, along with the Canon EF 35mm/f2 IS and the Canon 24-105mm/f4 IS as they were moving shots and I needed the IS as I was literally handheld or a fig rig. For Takumar's I have: 28mm/f3.5,  35mm/f2, 35mm/f3.5, 55mm/f2, 85mm/f1.9, 105mm/f2.8 and 135mm/f3.5. The 35/f2 is not bad, not the sharpest out of the bunch and flares/veils easily but I'm ok with that as it's great for taking the harsh digital edge off most digital cameras. I HIGHLY recommend the 85mm/f1.9 as it is extremely sharp at almost all apertures. Here's a shot taken with my Nikon Df at a f4 or 5.6 and a circular polarizer in a burnt forest, and another completely unfiltered at about the same aperture no post sharpening in either and  I have to use a shitty adapter with a piece of glass in it to get infinity focus on Nikon too. I'm not a fan of Takumar's in low light or night shooting though even with a 5DmkIII and Raw, your milage might vary but I find they just don't provide enough info to make a good image - switching to Zeiss or Sigma/Canon etc. is a better option for that. Again your milage might vary depending on your scene. I tested the wazoo out of everything prior to making my short at all my locations, lenses, times of day just to see what would work, how everything would grade and then fall apart, is this 5D going to melt, malfunction etc. It all worked great and this was back in the day when you had to reload the Raw modules onto the camera every time you turned the camera on.  
    • Beautiful! Is this Standard SOOC? I really dig the colors/look of this one. Is it standard, too?  You and Kidz have me seriously thinking about a 6500.
    • 1dc 1080p 60 is not good. Super soft