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  1. Yesterday Gerald Undone was doing some testing on the 4K HQ mode recorded externally on a Ninja and the camera shut down due to overheating around the 1h15 mark so I think that estimate is very realistic https://instagram.com/stories/geraldundone/2359898914668645546?igshid=ukiotjsceety
  2. I've seen the video and the high gain situation it's interesting but I'm pretty sure on a static scene it's pretty impossible to have the encoder drop to 2:1 compression. In my tests on static subjects the average datarate i got out of Q0 is never more than 3:1 so around 540Mb/s which is close to the limit of the best CFast cards and SSD but still doable so my question about the lowest compression ratio Q0 is capable of still stands.. Probably the camera will never go lower than that in 50fps otherwise dropped frames are inevitable...
  3. I was doing some research into which media to buy for my BMPCC6K and during the intense spreadsheet action something caught my attention.. How do you record Q0 in 6K at 50fps? According to my calculations in the worst case scenario (so less amount of compression which amounts to roughly 2:1 in Q0) the camera generates data in excess of 800MB/s which is way beyond the capabilities of any of the supported media, am i missing something? (not that I have any intention of recording slowmo in Q0 at 6K anytime soon, it was more of a curiosity really) ?
  4. Complete madness! ? I just spent the weekend filming with the BMPCC6K and like many other have already said there's simply nothing that comes even closer to the IQ that camera produces for the price, nothing! I think the other companies seriously need to step up their video game and this is definitely NOT the way to do that... ?
  5. Finally after 10 days or so some proper awesome footage, looove the anamorphic mode! ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Pto5QImes Quick question re anamorphic modes.. does anybody know why the windowed 3.7k mode on the 6K rather than a straight 6:5 crop from full (i think that would be around 4.1K)? Could it be a limitation of the sensor? Also.. on the BMPCC4K Grant talked about a 4:3 mode, being the sensor not in a 4:3 aspect ratio like the GH5S i guess it's just gonna be a straight crop from full (so around 2.8K), does this make sense? ?
  6. I might be wrong but as far as i can see in the specs on BM's website i don't see any windowed 4K mode, only ProRes (downscaled from full resolution i suppose) so if you want to shoot BRAW it looks like 4K is not an option...
  7. The reason why 1080p is not windowed on the P6K is because it only records that mode in ProRes (along with both 4K flavours as well) therefore it captures the full sensor and then downscales it whereas the P4K can do both, BRAW windowed or ProRes downscaled.
  8. This is interesting.. the overall dynamic range is pretty much unchanged but it looks like the 6K sensor has more headroom in the highlights...
  9. The anamorphic mode is coming to the 4K as well in the next camera update ?
  10. I'm very torn about this update because on one hand I think the m4/3 mount is the most flexible option in terms of lensing plus with the different flavours of speedbosters available you can get much closer to full frame than Super35 if needed. On the other hand 6K for 4K delivery has the potential to deliver a great image and will probably completely solve the only issue I have with the camera which is the presence of aliasing/moirè in highly detailed scenes. (it's got substantially better with BRAW but it's still there unfortunately). Decisions, decisions! ?
  11. Magnificent still camera (and as a timelapse photographer I can only be jubilant!) Unfortunately it's official that video specs are unchanged from the a7rIII (apart from the inclusion of eye tracking AF which is nice) I guess we'll have to keep waiting for the new A7S then ? https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilce-7rm4/specifications
  12. @majoraxis you're very welcome and yes, hopefully it'll be soon! ? Hmm.. they showed us some farly detailed technical slides but i don't recall hearing anything about an increase in dynamic range, sorry!
  13. Hello everybody! So, I've attended the Blackmagic Raw seminar held at CVP here in London yesterday and I thought I'd share some impressions: Let's start with the bad news first: unfortunately there is no official release date for BRAW on the PCC4K yet.. They confirmed it is coming to the camera 100% but they want to make absolutely sure that the update is safe and won't brick the camera (which sounds like a sensible plan indeed!) ? That been said I can't wait to have the option to use BRAW, it's such a clever and well implemented solution and i reckon it will be the best choice on the PCC4K for 90% of the occasions. What really impressed me is how good the performance is in Resolve compared to CNDG, it is entirely possile to edit BRAW on a laptop without creating optimised media and/or dropping the resolution. To drive the point home even more they worked on a grading project that was hosted on a USB 3.0 spinning drive and it worked flawlessly, i was quite shocked when I saw a clip with a speed ramp set in optical flow playing at 24fps at full quality on an entry level MBP! Another super clever feature of BRAW is the ability to shoot with any dynamic range preset and being able to revert back to film mode afterwards, that is pretty awesome for dailies or things like that. I also very appreciated the fact that they were totally sincere in showing us the difference in visual quality between BRAW and CDNG and, although there is a slight difference in quality with CDNG being a bit sharper, said difference is only visible in extreme magnification (pixel peeping basically) so in real life BRAW is perfectly adequate especially considering the many advantages it offers in terms of workflow. The Blackmagic guys reckoned that CDNG would be the best choice only in very specific situations where having the best quality possible is paramount (like VFX for istance). Overall it's been a very interesting demonstration and i think BRAW will make the PCC4K even better value for money, exciting times ahead!
  14. A very interesting video about how to optimise exposure on the BMPCC4K from one of the best channels about filmmaking and cameras on YT (IMHO), hope you guys will find it useful! ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8hHFt3ChZ8
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