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    • I loved the new film I was far from dissapointed - I was expecting the worse. Its dense non commercial, intelligent and technically excellent too..... I did feel that there was too much detail. I did feel the colours too out of the can..... they were washes over not built in lighting. BUT none of that is nearly as important as my thoughts on the questions I had the BIG METAPHYSICAL Questions I had after watching the original. Such things like - how long do we have - and what do we do in that time - does it make a difference about what we are as long as the feelings to us feel real. These things have lived with me most of my adult life - from seeing the film in my late teens. Those questions have shaped my life. Too pursue - to pounce on life while it is there...... to reach out in the time we have.... to believe in ones emotions. To live with some form of poetry at times - that is emotively based...... Now maybe my multiple sittings of the original has allowed me to distill those thoughts to the point where the message speaks bigger than the plot and vision. I did feel due to the experience of the new film that I was immersed in the world but was so engrossed that those big questions were hard to hear - maybe they werent there..... or maybe i should start rewatching it again. Either way the new film is fukcing impressive - it was never going to fill the boots of the original......... but its one of the best things Ive seen in ages.
    • The original has a simple story but logical. This new one has a convoluted but a stupid plot. It works until you think about it.
    • Build in ND filters and body type do not worth two, three or 4 times the money. This is an argument that gets rusty year by year. I do like dedicated video cameras (and prefer them for most jobs), but GH5 is cutting sales from everyone these days, and for a few good reasons.  We will see what EVA will sell this year, but I doubt it will be as profitable the GH5 is for Panasonic, even with a lot bigger profit margin. A7sIII has to be the bomb; Canonikon are preparing full frame mirrorless of their own, Fuji seems capable to achieve great things and they got the lenses to offer the total package. 2018-2019 will be very important for the battle of the Mirrorless. Someone eventually will fold, and will fold for good.
    • Well said @Andrew Reid unbelievable that the 1dc was $12,000. 
    • Hi there, I just uploaded the final teaser trailer to my short film based on the Australian novelist Greg Egan short story of the same name: Axiomatic teaser_3 Thanks to @mercer for his suggestions on the edit for it. I've love any forum readers and indie film fans to check it out and let me know what they think. The full short will premier online next week so stay tuned if you'd like to know more.