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Some sad personal news, and a note on the future

Andrew Reid

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To all my friends at EOSHD I have some very sad news.

My sister has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She is just 38.

I have just brought the news to the main blog page here, for the full story:


I might need to rely on my friends here to get me through this very difficult time and keep working.

Anyone who pre-orders my Panasonic GH6 Shooter's Guide will really be helping. I am in financial difficulties too, on top of this.

I want to keep this blog going even though I am a wreak at the moment.

I am going to miss my sister enormously. She was at the heart of my family.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to pass a message of support onto myself, Zara or my mum.

My email address is eoshd.com@gmail.com

In the future my aim is to get back to work and carry on EOSHD. Sorry it has been so quiet of late.

Thanks guys.

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Very sad here with the news, Andrew. Even more because now I have a daughter, that will make 4 on Saturday - I can relate with this kind of pain.

There is no words that can help with this. All we can do is send some good whishes for better times ahead. Be there with Arabella, Liam and your mom - all of you will need each other.

Things are kind of hard here too, but I made a little contribution - more to show our love than for the value.

Hang on and take all the time needed. We will be here.

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My thoughts and prayers with such sad terrible news, oh God I wish to have never read that from you!

Very beautiful written tribute anyway, a trace of the light you hold inside your soul, your lovely sister and your loved ones are part of the same whole you all belong. And now us too... thanks for sharing!

May God give you the strength necessary to face these hard times, you're not alone in your pain, we are here with you, thinking of you every single day of our lives.

Keep it strong, Andrew, for this community part of you and the legacy you've been building up, thank you for making us part of your family.


A big tight hug to Zara, she is the sister we would all love for a chance to ever meet, have known and grown-up along.

Memories to remain inside your soul endlessly.

Already inner you and eternal for those who had the luck to cross the own life with...



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Stay strong, accept help if you need it. Take your time an be there for your family. No need to justify yourself in this difficult situation. 

That being said: FUCK CANCER. I lost my grandfather to it, but he had a fullfilled life and passed away in his early 80s. 

But with a such young person...

I´m sorry Zara has to go through this. Stay strong, all of you!

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Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers so far. I wish I had better news to share. Can only look forward from now on, work hard on EOSHD and try and do justice to all the memories of my sister with some fund raising in the future, because as Mr Freeze said above - fuck cancer is a sentiment we can ALL agree with!

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