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  1. The topic is dishing out blatant disinformation, Wronzoff. An influencer obfuscating information from the Canon mothership itself. Calling this guy out is educational in itself. You are handed a new perspective by Andrew whether you like it or not. We need more of this - instead of chilling out which basically amounts to enabling bad actors and certainly does not move the needle in the right direction. I see unease with McKinnon who at least acknowledges the heating problems and clearly states up front he is a Canon ambassador. Such nuance or positioning is far less clear or basically absent with useful idiot Polin. Feel free to disagree - I don’t share your fatalism to which I reacted primarily No offense I hope
  2. It is exactly this kind of attitude that normalizes and ultimately rewards the behaviour of these shills. By letting them get away with it.
  3. Look for “EXO Optik” on Facebook - there you will find info on the next production run. Max is finalizing the new design for the Nexiscope.
  4. Really hope this isn’t the last challenge. Next time we might even see some RED camera’s entering the fray ?
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