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    I shoot sports (really just Lacrosse) and here's whats in my Kit! Camera - Sony PXW Z90 Audio - Audio Technica AT875R with an Auray deadcat for my on camera shotgun mic, Sony UWP D11 for my wireless Lav System, and a pair of Senal SMH 1000's for my headphones. Peripherals - SmallHD Focus SDI and a pink Blue Star EVF cover Stabilization - Tripod (Manfrotto 502 on the Benro A373T Legs) Misc: 1 Foot SDI cable, 1 Foot XLR cable, SDs cards Bags/Case - Pelican 1510 Case and the Sony LCS BP3 Backpack Overall I've been loving this setup (Focus SDI is a very recent addition though) With the Z90 I getreally good video autofocus, XLRs, Built in NDs, 4K, 120FPS slow motion, 10 bit 422 in HD, and I don't have to fiddle around with lenses. The audio quality is good enough for someone that doesn't have a dedicated sound guy. Everything packs down nicely and the overall Kit isn't huge. I plan to upgrade the Manfrotto 502 because IMHO I don't think its a good head.. In the Coming future I would like to add an FS5 or even a FS7 if I can get it for a REALLY good price so I can get that super 35 goodness 🤤 So what do you guys shoot Documentary wise and whats in your kit? Please add picture like I did below.
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    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    2. Most know-nothing DSLR soccer moms and the like got a short zoom, a long zoom, and a 50mm. Got tons of people who wanted to do their own portraits/headshots for fun or to save money. Prime lenses there. Travel photography, sold a wide fast prime to plenty of those. Same with astrophotographers. Even had one wild dude who was a serious birder and bought several brutally expensive primes, including a 500mm. Do most consumers go for zooms first? Sure. But I would not say "no one except pros use primes." In fact, working photographers are the exact people who often benefit from zooms to get critical shots, while hobbyists can pick up a more fulfilling prime, take their time, and not worry about potentially missing a paycheck moment.
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    Sony A7S Mark 3 - What to expect

    THIS. Gimme ProRes RAW everywhere. This is the real deal. You should.
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    Sony A7S Mark 3 - What to expect

    ProRes RAW has one downside over DNG Raw. It has 1 1/2 stops less Dynamic Range. But not too many cameras can even shoot in DNG Raw so probably not a big problem for most. This is a DJI video on the X7. But it has a lot of info about ProRes Raw and even some tips on FCPX using it. https://forum.dji.com/thread-158286-1-1.html
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    Do you have Air Conditioning? I lived in South Florida near the Gulf of of Mexico, right on a canal for 12 years, Greece can't be any worse than that. I had it on 10 months a year. That is what Air Conditioning is, a giant De Humidifier. And I have been to Greece quite a few times, so I have an idea what its is like there. But I was a lot younger then! Cuba is the hottest place I have ever been to, been there like 6 times. Thule Air Base in Greenland is the coldest place I ever been too, was in the winter time, -34 degrees one time.. It was so cold we had to take turns starting up the engines on the plane every 4 hours. We were there 3 days that time, Not fun. Was there a couple of times. 😬
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    The Leica seems to be the best there is for most Anamorphic I have seen on here. But it isn't particularly cheap. I would think about any Nikon 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens would get the job done. But from looking on the web the Nikon 50 f2.0 might be better for Bokeh the f1.4's? https://www.keh.com/shop/nikon-50mm-f-2-ai-manual-focus-lens-52.html?m=Grouped&prod_id=1184030&aid=1184030&rmatt=tsid:|cid:1410740124|agid:61029030848|tid:pla-455152635509|crid:270890152997|nw:g|rnd:1883204022776829523|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwn4ncBRCaARIsAFD5-gUg4T0EOoaAWdaPP5rXSy8XPwV0SV1cDjk_3x05fX61UKxE-JqTJRIaAhFEEALw_wcB https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leica-Summilux-R-50mm-f-1-4-3-Cam/323397120527?hash=item4b4bf8720f:g:t-sAAOSwcOVbJwWl
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    I'm sure if we give it a little time, then we'll soon enough find those unholy Canon EF to Nikon Z adapters! Complete with a sample of Holy Water to sprinkle over your (waterproofed) Nikon Z6/Z7 camera before mounting on it a Canon lens.
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    Editing Laptop Recommendation

    Actually with the fairly recent Apple's Metal framework for programming GPUs that apple provides (I'm not sure if BM is using that) over what's available one Windows. I'm not sure they will reach parity. But they might. Who knows.
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    If you don't need a recorder as well, and want max bang for your buck then get a Lilliput A5. I have one, and have been happy with it: Or if you want better quality, more features, and the brand name, then get the SmallHD Focus. Atomos is an Australian company. (like Blackmagic Design....)
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    It should be criminal for a camera manufacturer not to do this. But then again even ARRI can't get this right. Just wrapped on yet another shoot day with an Alexa Mini today. Sigh. (been shooting with them almost every week this month) At least this time the camera department was kind, and not as difficult to work with as the others.
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    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    I agree, the 35mm f1.8G is a killer feature in favor of the Nikon APS-C as the starter DSLR . As 35mm is the perfect general purpose prime lens as it is a "normal". Plus a 50mm to get later on still nice and cheap.
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    I picked up a Fuji xh1 3 months ago (and had gh5 for a while now) so I'm not rushing out to grab another camera just yet (lying to myself). I was going to get an atomos ninja v to use mainly as a bright monitor, but nice to see if a new Nikon found its way to me I could get 10bit log out of it with this. A shame it's not internal but great to see it's there anyway. Full frame, nice colour, 10 bit. A lot to like. Shame the LCD isn't bigger. If I do decide I need a full frame (I will) to accompany my M4/3 and apsc I would wait to see the a7siii, maybe the Venice colour can finally compete with the other brands for me ?. Also if canon do something it could be worth a look. Oh and the bmpcc 4k is a given. Current odds of me buying a Nikon z6 50% (75%). Odds of divorce....
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    @jonpais. And just before you start getting too upset, I never said anything about the A7III nor did I state Sony wasn't improving their color science, quite the opposite actually since I linked the FS5's new Venice color science which is a huge step in the right direction (Sony may not have Alexa color science but Venice is their closest thing), everyone is hoping A7SIII will also have this new color science.
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    1) Nobody in this thread said color science is BS. 2) Nobody said anything about Sony having Alexa color science. 3) Filmmakers have created LUTs for every camera imaginable. 4) Many photographers find Sony color science has improved significantly with the Mark III. 5) All manufacturers continually strive to deliver more pleasing color science with each new generation of camera. 6) Who here claimed Sony had unbeatable color anyhow?
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    I'm sorry but saying color science is BS is being truly ignorant. Color science is of course a genuine topic when it comes to cameras and image output in general.. Now wether you prefer A to B that is being subjective, however it's no secret Sony have struggled and are the most controversial when it comes to it. It is why Andrew developped EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras: https://www.eoshd.com/pro-color/ And why Sony themselves made a big deal this year by adding Venice color science to the FS5 and calling it Mark II: Sony Introduces FS5 II with 4K HDR, 120fps RAW and New Color Science Designed to meet the requirements of today’s content creators, the FS5 II features an all-new look with a refined picture tone to capture natural highlights, subtle, alluring and well rendered facial tones and a softer tonal look, for capturing lifelike portrayals. Using the accumulated expertise of Sony’s digital cinematography camera VENICE, the FS5 II promises a fresh and vivid look while still retaining plenty of creative options in post-production, as a result of its high performance 4K Super 35 Exmor® CMOS sensor.
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    Yes and no. "Color science" refers to the hardware and software that the manufacturer uses to define the output of their camera. For example, Arri's color science may include a dual gain architecture in order to make the highlights behave a certain way, whereas Sigma's Foveon color science involves a very specific type of sensor. The method of creating an image is certainly a science (specifically computer science) built out of objectively measurable variables. The subjective part is that one person may prefer the end result of a specific color science over another, and so a preference of one color science vs. another is not a science itself. And my argument is that having a preference about the subjective part is a perfectly valid way to decide which camera to get, especially now that almost every modern camera has high technical quality.
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    Yeah the whole line of Sony PXW stuff is still a pretty good way to go for a all in one solution. They have become the ENG cameras of choice now with TV, Newspaper stuff, at least around where I live. Nice kit you have. The Only way I am going to Run is if there is a Gun pointing at me. So that is my Run N Gun. 😱
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    Robert Collins

    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    Cant really argue with those numbers. Thinking about it. My numbers were from BCN who measure sales at the retail level. My guess would be that if a camera ships with a kit lens (or even two kit lenses) they classify it as a 'camera sale' rather 'a camera and lens sale'. So they are only counting independent lens sales. Just a guess but those percentages from BCN make more sense in that context.
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    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    I know quite a few soccer mums who bought prime lenses. Apart from the nerds in forums like these, there are two customers I used to see all the time, the photography enthusiast who buys a 5DIII and an L series zoom and makes professional but mostly lifeless photos (all equipment no technique), and the clueless soccer mum who came and asked me for a camera to take pictures of the kids and nice holiday pictures. The problem with the soccer mum wanting to take pictures of the kids is that they want to take pictures of junior who is running around, inside, in poor lighting and they've found out that by the time their point and shoot has focused the kid is in another room, and if they manage to accidentally get one in focus the picture is blurry because it was a 1/10s exposure, and the ISO noise is shot to hell as well. They ask what the solution is, and it's a real camera (entry level DSLR) and so they buy that with the kit lens but often that's not enough for the low light conditions so they need a prime to get more light in the camera. I would always recommend Nikon because the 35mm 1.8 was affordable (Canon 35mm 1.8 was not) and on a APSC body the 50mm is 80mm and that's probably a bit too tight a focal length for indoor photography. The advice was pretty easy to give, prime lens for inside, zoom for outside, use the mode dial to choose the picture you're taking. After that I would sometimes get an odd question, but mostly the only feedback I would get from then on was nice pictures.
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    Cliff Totten

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    You might be right about the H2 processor. I'm working with Mavic-II Pro 10bit HEVC files straight off the card. The noise reduction seems to be far superior to the Ambarella H1 files from the Phantom 4 Pro V.20. Shadows are clean but not overly scrubbed to Hell the way the Mavic Pro's Ambarella A9 used to be. These H2 files appear to be a big step up from the H1.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Actually, I have no special admiration for the GH5 (more actually I have admiration just for some people and their works), instead, I hate all camera manufacturers equally because their products are so pricey for my pocket and unfortunately I can't quickly and easy change systems, not to mention to have two simultaneously But I admire fanatics as Sage, firstly because I recognize part of myself in his dedication and secondly because I find this last version of GHa shockingly good... Yes, I predict that GH5 will be in your future... above, just posted, clip The Lane looks, I think, incredibly similar to some of the best Canon ML results that I saw... BTW - typically, I still didn't buy GHa
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    Mattias Burling

    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    Nikon as well as Sony sell their newly released cameras at a loss. They then try to make up for it by selling lenses. It would be suicide to let third party in from the beginning. Switching mounts is a huge deal if suceccfull. All those Nikon shooters sitting on backwards compatible lenses are no longer customers. They no longer bring profit. A camera house is like a printer. Ink is the real business. Same thing in camera stores.They hardly make anything on cameras. Their business is bags, insurance, payment plans, memory cards, etc. Also, wasn't the A7 also released with just a few very expensive primes.. seems people forgotten that.
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    JVC LS300 in 2018

    Thanks for the comments. It is basically the Jlog with a tiny push on the colour but hardly anything so I appreciate some may like it and some won't. The full documentary will be done by next year. The audio mix is not me as I would still be here next year trying to get my levels right! I pulled in a favour from my mate who is brilliant sports features editor. cheers
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    It’s a bizarre little lens. Cheap any way you look at it. I’ve been using it on the GX85, makes the whole combo tiny. And I like the image I get. Not fast, but at f4 it’s not for low light stuff anyway. There seems to be no decent review out there that I can find, not from the usual suspects anyway. Which is a shame, because for a low budget kit this lens seems a no brainer.
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