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  1. I dont see how Sony could make another A7S 8bit camera. Sony is pushing HLG as the future but BBC and NHK specifically call for all HLG to be 10bit in their spec. Sony is the only HLG out there still stuck in 8bit. Panny actually FORCES you to shoot HLG in 10bit. If Sony stays stubburn on 8bit only, Panasonic will throw a company wide celebration in all Panny offices! Sony Alpha "might" make XDCAM managers happy and only allow 10bit over HDMI and not internal. (This could also help Sony fight A7S-III heat too if they insist again on using the A7 small body design.)
  2. The A7S-III is already here. It has; Sony BSI Exmor full frame sensor (highly likely) 10bit color sampling, internal and HDMI. 4:2:2 150mbp/s 4k internal. 6k full pixel readout (6k to 4k oversampling) 4k 60p in "Hollywood cine" super35 sensor size. Full size HDMI port. No recording limit in 4k 30p No overheating whatsoever. 14+ stops of VLog Wave form scopes. LUT support Fantastic color science. 4k raw over HDMI is on the way. See?...the A7S-III is here today! But its Panasonic that made it, not Sony. Its called S1.
  3. I was told at NAB that anybody can do a raw protocol with no legal problems. However RED has a big patent on "compressed" raw. RED tried to nail Sony on compressed raw patent violations but Sony legal fired back at RED on their own Sony pattent violations so RED backed down and let it go. Atomos officially went to RED and got permission to implement compressed raw with ProResRaw so they are in no danger. However, I was told that BlackMagicRaw is a giant patent question mark at the moment. Nobody knows for sure that BlackMagic wont get sued by RED on this one. They might be OK...but tbey also might not. Atomos is VERY interested in this issue for more reasons than just that alone. 🙂
  4. It seems to me that these reatail upgrade boxes should never be "out of stock" anywhere. Its not like Panasonic us unsure of how many boxes to print and package. Currently, this is nothing more than a 1:1 product for every S1 already sold to date. So, if Panasonic has already sold 3500 cameras world wide, they need to print a bare minimum of 3500 upgrade boxes. If Panasonic knew they sold 5,000 cameras but only printed 3,000 boxes and were sold out...I'd be FURIOUS at Panasonic.
  5. With HDR and HLG becoming more and more common, I'm certain that 10bit will keep moving down the consumer ladder. In order to do HLG "properly" as its white papers say, it needs to be 10bit. Currently, only Sony does HLG in 8bit. The market forces are changing and 10bit will be the new standard for most Alphas and XDCAMs in the future. Im sure the A7S-III will be 10bit. Otherwise, it's going to be dead on arrival.
  6. Ehhh...maybe. However, I think the industry is demanding full frame right now. Micro 4/3 is fine but a huge number of people are looking at large sensor. Even the Sony Venice broke from the Hollywood standard of super35 and went full frame. Plus, this JVC will need to compete with the Nikon Z6, Lumix S1, S1H and future Sony A7S-III. Its going to be hard to steal those people away with a super35 sensor.
  7. Sony has it's superb IMX410 full frame sensor on the market. Its used in the A7III and Nikon Z6. (And possibly Lumix S1 but not verified yet) If JVC can get Sony to sell it to them, they would immediately have a fully competitive cine camera on that chip alone. If they put it into an LS300 body with ND and 10bit color? If they worked with Atomos on HDMI raw? If they priced it at $4,000? Huge winner fir JVC!! They would undercut Sony, Canon and Panny easily. CT.
  8. Andrew....here is a crazy thought; We know that the Z6 uses a Sony IMX410 with PDAF photosites. I wonder how much "help" that Sony SemiConductor gave Nikon on PDAF software and new lens communication protocols. "Could" Nikon have paid Sony as a co-designer of their Z system? Is it "possible" that Nikon's PDAF and lens protocol are literally virtually identical to Sony's code? If so.....how difficult would it be to "pass through" Nikon's PDAF and lens coding to a Sony lens that "might" be the identical language? I wonder if TechChart figured that out and made a somewhat "pass-thru" adapter that requires only minimal translation? Nah......that's crazy talk. Sony SemiConductor would never allow itself to work that closely with another camera company. Im sure Nikon would also refuse to take help from the leasing PDAF developer and seller in the market today too. Nikon just licensee Sony PDAF sensors, they would never pay for any servises from Sony beyond a sensor. Forget I said this....
  9. One of THE most important questions is; Who's sensor is going in this thing. Everything starts with a great image sensor. If JVC can buy Sony sensors, right off the bat they will have a camera that wipes out BlackMagic's super35 cameras.
  10. But how do current S1 owners get it on July 8? Is it still going to be a retail box? Are we supposed to get a voucher? Will it just be a simple web site login and upgrade until Oct 1 arrives? Its all a mystery right now. We dont even know what bit rates we are getting.
  11. This new camera is everything the S1 (with firmware update) but with the addition of; Same sensor? 6k internal recording. HEVC Possible electronic ND filter 400mbps All-I in 4k Vector and waveform scopes 60p 4k from full sensor readout. (Instead of super35 crop) USB-C solid state drive recording? $1,000-$2000 more money? For raw, I was told at the Atomos NAB booth that S1 raw 4k 1:1 super35 crop IS absolutely coming over HDMI. The big question is, will the S1-H have that PLUS 6k raw?
  12. Andrew, one thing that everybody missed is that Panny crippled all audio at 128k AAC! The audio sounds OK, but its so highly compressed that when you upload it to YouTube, they will re-compress it heavily again! No way to avoid this. (128k source crushed a second time by another 128k YouTube pass over) The S1 has the WORST audio compression of any high end camera that I'm aware of. Worse than any GH camera...or Sony Alpha,...or Sony Cybershot....worse than even a GoPro. This was a shameless stunt by Panny. Yes, you DO get linear PCM audio with the paid firmware update but a stock S1?....yeah, I'm sure Panny marketing managers are even laughing at us on this one!
  13. The EVA-1 never was a Lumix or Varicam branded camera. Its also a single revenue stream product with body only sales. Panny makes zero money off that Canon EF mount. An EVA-2 with L Mount will be a two stream money maker with bodies and now lenses. Could Panasonic be moving the EVA-2 into the Lumix branded consumer/prosumer catagory? This same leaker said it was a cine "dream" camera and that it was built "like a tank". Does this sound like an S1 body?
  14. I had read years ago that Sony also traded pattents with Canon with dual pixel sensor construction for PDAF usage. They got part of Canon's pattent and Canon got Sony's on sensor A/D conversion pattent.
  15. Tech Insights, at some point is going to X-ray the S1 sensor and identify what it is. Right now, it ver suspiciously looks like a Sony IMX410. (Sony A7-III and Nikon Z6) "IF" it turns out that is an IMX410, Panny is in deep shit. Panny says they dont like phase detect AF because they are very against masking the PDAF photosites. If they are buying an IMX410...they MUST mask those photosites! "If" this is the case, they masking photosites AND not using the phase detect array at the same time. The only conclusion we could draw....is that Sony simply wont liscence PDAF to Panasonic. By the way....every sensor on planet Earth has dead/defective photosites. A 24 million pixel sensor could literally have several hundred or more dead photosites that the read out system automatically masks out anyway. Photosite masking is a normal process on all cameras. Panasonic says they are against it...but they do it like everybody else does.
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