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  1. Conspiracy theory on Panasonic not putting phase detect AF in their cameras..... A couple of years ago I read an article that Sony made a cross patent agreement with Canon. Sony licensed to EXMOR's on-column A/D conversion sensor patent to Canon for a portion of Canon's phase detect AF patents to Sony. I'm starting to believe that there might be some key fundamental phase detection patents that Panasonic can't violate for legal reasons. Sony is able to sell phase detection with it's cell phone and camera sensors and that is possibly how Nikon gained access to it. (example: The Nikon Z6 uses an IMX410 that has phase detection pixels. This is likely in the Sony/Nikon sensor purchase and licensing agreement) Could this be the reason why Panny has not been able to get PDAF? Is it possible that they have been shut out by Sony as they refuse to license Panny any key Sony/Canon patent rights? This is speculation but it could explain why Panny is so "stuck" in the contrast AF world....they literally have no other legally viable choice right now?? CT
  2. I dont understand why Panasonic just didnt make a new mount diameter that was simply based on MFT data protocol. Panny could have made this new mount standard in one meeting. Essentially, a full frame ring with MFT data pins. I dont see how the Leica partnership help Lumix at all. What tech does Leica give to Panny? Their lenses are niche and very few people will ever buy them. Sigma?....now THEY are a fantastic partner and absolutely key to making these Panny camera sell. I think Panny only really needed Sigma and any profit sharing could have stayed between two companies instead of being split three ways.
  3. Hmmm,...So, Leica is telling Panny and Sigma to go have fun on their own together and to leave them out of it. Y'know,...I see Leica has a true fashion brand on the camera industry. (Just like Hasselblad) They never really were a serious "electronics" company anyway. I have a suspicion that they contract Panasonic to design their motherboards and even program their firmware too. Hell, it would not even supprise me if Panasonic even manufactured modern Leica cameras for them in Panny factories. Is Leica just a snobby logo on a severely over -priced Panny-made body??? CT
  4. Interesting, they changed profile naming from h.264 on HEVC. Good catch!! Im still pissed the stuck us with highly compressed AAC audio at stinking 128kbps. CT
  5. Oh wonderfull! You guys see what Panny did with this HEVC audio? They didnt give us PCM audio. They gave us AAC compression......at 128kps!!! Ugggg. Looking at the HEVC profile. Its not even high profile toolset. Its "main" (mid-level calculation) profile instead. Nice Panny.....nice cripple. So now we need to wait until July to pay for the upgraded video specs.
  6. Canon EOS-R raw over HDMI? Oh boy!...this has Jeremy Young's (Atomos CEO) fingerprints ALL over it! He has been talking with all the camera companies about engineering their data pipeline to allow for the HDMI data bus to tap into raw sensor readout. He said last year; "If you want Canon to do something, have Nikon do it first. If you want Sony to do something, have Panasonic do it first" This is the exact order we have: #1 Nikon, #2 Canon, #3 Panny, #4 Sony. Lol....this one guy is pushing them all into his raw sensor data over HDMI trick! I friggin LOVE this guy!
  7. Andrew!....thanks for getting this material out there. Question - beta firmware had a noise reduction slider that was deactivated. It literally did nothing to the image when moved. Does your 1.0 firmware allow for noise reduction control that actually DOES remove noise reduction at -5? I really hope so! Thanks for everything you do. CT
  8. It's literally impossible for us to know what sensor is in this thing. IMX410, Samsung IsoCell, TowerJazz? How many times do we always hear "No, its not a Sony sensor" only to find out that is IS certainly a Sony sensor 6 months later? Panasonic NAB booth...."No!...the GH5 is absolutely NOT a Sony sensor, its a Panasonic chip"...TechInsights then blows that out of the water and says "No Panisonic, our labs and x-ray machines identify it as a Sony IM272" Next year same thing. "No Panasonic, the GH5-S is a Sony IMX299" Same thing with the Nikon D850 and now Z6 and BlackMagic pocket 4k....more and more Sony sensors. For some reason, every camera company is embarassed to say that Sony pattens are all over their image sensor.... the most important part of every camera. Its no use lying about it anymore....Tech Insights will expose you eventually.
  9. I think you are right about the S1's noise reduction in these early firmware testing. Cinema5D said their noise reduction -/+ controls were not even working at all on their version. I REALLY hope the full 1.0 firmware has a functioning parameter set. To me, effective noise reduction -/+ settings are even more important than color fine tuning. Noise reduction is a destructive process,...color is not. Actually, Panny.....PLEASE give us a noise reduction "off" setting! That would make many people really happy. (It would also free up some of your image processor CPU for other things too!)
  10. So S1 HLG is capped at roughly 12 stops. We know full VLog is coming as a paid upgrade. However, if they keep it capped at 12 stop in VLog as well?....that makes the upgrade far less attractive. You might as well get the same 12stops in HLG and record to ProRes from the S1's 10bit HDMI. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Panny's HQ meetings about the S1. I would love to listen to them debate each other on how they properly cripple the S1 to protect the EVA-1 and Varicam....as well as this new L-Mount camcorder in development.
  11. About the S1's dynamic range....I have two questions: 1.) What in the Hell is this mystery sensor? Who's tech is in it? Some think it might be an IMX410 (A7-III & Z6) Meanwhile, some are saying its a completely brand new sensor that nobody has ever seen before. There are rumors it's NOT even a back side illuminated chip. Samsung IsoCell?? 2.) Panny might very well calibrate it's video A/D conversion and raw readout to NOT exceed 12stops. Supposedly, this could have been a demand that VariCam managers had placed on these S cameras. You can bet your life that the VariCam group did NOT want a high sensor read clock speed (intentional rolling shutter) and wanted it capped at 12stops. Who knows? We will find out more in the months that follow. On the GH5/GH5-S,...HLG matches VLog-L in dynamic range.
  12. The รท/- noise reduction parameters work perfectly fine on the GH5 and GH5-S. On my GH5, I run my NR settings all the pulled back. As we know, noise reduction plugins in post are WAY more accurate and surgical than any live in-camera algorithms are. I really hope that Panasonic fixes the S1 noise reduction +/- settings in firmware 1.0. It's stupid to see it in the menu but have it disabled behind the scenes.
  13. Cinema5D is reporting the S1 to test at about 12 stops of dynamic range using HLG gamma. This actually matches the Sony FS7 tests with SLog-3 gamma. It's hard to know if Panny will allow it's VLog upgrade to gain any more than 12 stops. I suspect they might lock it at 12 stops to give the EVA-1 a 1 or 2 stop dynamic range advantage. Who knows? There is one very depressing thing that Cinema5D found out....NOISE REDUCTION IS HEAVY AND +/- NR CONTROLLS HAVE ZERO AFFECT!! Ouch!....that one REALLY stings! If Panny has disabled the noise reduction controlls than we have no way to draw it back and save ourselves from heavy in-camera noise reduction. As we all know,....noise reduction is a 100% DESTRUCTIVE PROCESS....once it's applied, it's artifacts can never be removed in post. Im hoping their firmware just had a bug that Panny will fix soon.
  14. Will Canon EVER figure out how to oversample a sensor, deBayer and downsample it to 4k? My God,...how long has Sony been doing their full pixel readout now? The GH5 (Sony IMX272) does a 5k full pixel readout too. I guess Canon will need to buy Sony sensors to do this? Until then, Canon is still stuck in crude RGGB 1:1 deBayer land.
  15. I doubt its TowerJazz. Has anybody ever seen an excellent TowerJazz sensor? Definetely not the one in that Leica, scratch that one out.....any other TowerJazz sensors we can point too? Samsung IsoCell would stiil be a sensor that Panny would want to keep secret....no doubt. I dont know of any other company that could actually beat Sony's pattents....I think only Samsung could do that.
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