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  1. See... q.e.d. And that's an argument happily and often used by dictatorships and oppressing regimes all over the world... Pick your favorite! Anyway, to me this looks like a pathetic self-righteous crusade that roots in some kind of personal dispute I'm not familiar with. But whatever, I sense my time on this forum might be over soon since disagreeing with you can be a high risk game. Your house, your rules...
  2. It's not the same! Censorship by definition is an act committed by official state authorities. Mostly done by totalitarian regimes but not exclusively. This is not a question of agreeing to what DPreview or whoever does and does not. I just can't stand this inflationary crying about "censorship" or "oppression of free speech". It's what all these trolls, haters and right wing radicals do too when they get banned on Twitter, Facebook and comment-sections of News-sites. And it demeans actual oppression of free speech and acts of censorship. If I had to guess I'd say DPreview closed that threat because they feared it would lead to quickly escalating political discussions, hate and insults. And of course it would, because people just can't behave in the internet. We all know that.
  3. Exactly. Words have meanings...These pictures are not prohibited. You were offended by the DPreview ban of crosslinks to this forum and saw an opportunity to take a shot at them. All other talking is just a ridiculous overestimation of oneself and some nerdy camera-sites 99.999% of people don't give a shit about...
  4. This is not censorship. DPreview or any other private institution don't have the authority to censor anything. Calling the closure of a forum thread or banning of a forum contributor censorship shows a lack of understanding for the meaning of that word and disguises the abusive power involved in real actual censorship.
  5. Only thing that comes to mind is you might not have the latest version of XtoCC (formerly Xto7). I don't use it often, but there are improvements/bug fixes on a monthly basis. Other than that, I'm not aware of any conversion tools that take FCPXMLs and create "regular" XMLs.... On the other hand Resolve can take FCPXMLs directly, no conversion needed. So you might have better luck going that route...
  6. I wonder what footage you refer to. Can you share a link? In my experience, the C200 is not really a lowlight camera. I fairly often shoot Concerts with a rather slow 70-300mm 4.5-5.6 lens and ISO6400 is the absolute maximum I'd go with the C200 in XF-AFC or mp4, and you can already see quite a bit noise at ISO6400. Also since it's only 8bit you risk having banding in underexposed regions of your shot. RAW solves the banding problems but is a lot noisier than the compressed formats and requires noise reduction very fast (especially if you want to lift the shadows just a little bit). For capturing aurora borealis I'd say there are probably better cameras as the C200...
  7. Yes... that's kind of true, but I also find this is one of the aspects of creating motion pictures I like most: We have the privilege to combine all sorts of media and arts to tell a story: framing, movement, audio, music, graphics, even spoken or written text... The palette of ingredients and tools for us filmmakers is kind of infinite.
  8. Fair enough. But still: I have never heard about that rumour. Most interesting question for me: would Canon even do that? Have they ever sold their sensors?
  9. Where have you read this? From what I know, the people at red so far have always developed their own sensors...? And has Canon ever sold sensors to other manufactors? And PDAF is a fact for Komodo, has been demonstrated in a video by Jarred Land already...
  10. Thank you for this information. I didn‘t know that. I guess it‘s another story then.
  11. On a side line: Pretty sure it‘s not a good idea to publish information about health issues of an identfiable person, most defenitely not without consent. This person has a right for privacy too...
  12. [ sudo ] reposition cannon: canon: switch to / sony ... / new aim registered 😂
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