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  1. Images were supposed to be in the previous reply. The Sony is smaller and the grip isn't really making it fatter as even the smallest lenses are protruding out more. I love the A6400 with better EVF, grip and autofocus. The XE4 is gripless and has a poor EVF, the GX85 EVF is poor too (for my eyes). The A6400 costs around £500 used. I got a mint condition one last week for £550.
  2. The 27mm is good but has an external focusing motor like the Panasonic 20mm, which might be an issue for some doing video. Same with the Fuji 18mm f2 pancake and their most cinematic lens, the 35mm f1.4. No pancake zoom either. Maybe the recent TTartisans 27mm f2.8 pancake has normal focusing. Fuji do have nice film simulations and a cheaper alternative is the XE3, which does bog standard 4K, limited to 10 or 15 minutes. I tried the X100V, which has a tiny lens, but it overheated way too fast doing 4K. I used to have the aforementioned GM5, which was delightfully small with the 14mm f2.5 pancake. The EVF worked fine for me too. But I wouldn't use it for video as I hate Panasonic colors pre-G7. I am sure the newer G80 and G90 will be excellent with stabilization added. Very comfortable bodies. The GX85 EVF didn't work with my eyes so I let it collect dust while I carried on with the very lightweight, but too big for this thread, G7. The sharpness boost was noticeable. Maybe the GX9 would be a good compromise with the 12-32mm kit lens, possibly with the 14mm f2.5 too. Or if you can go a bit thicker the Sony A6xxx series are smaller than the GX85 and Fuji XE4, but thicker with the very nice grip. They have the 20mm f2.8 pancake which is probably as small as the 14mm Panny pancake. Their kit lens is also a pancake when closed.
  3. Ray-Ban Smart Meta glasses (the wife just got a pair of these and they are great considering the camera size, good quality mic, nice speaker too for listening to music) 1376 x 1824 video resolution 4GB storage Not sure about bitrate and what not but they are weightless if you need glasses or sunglasses, or 49g if you wear just for the camera.
  4. Fujifilm X-E4 (I don't like the EVF and lack of grip, but it does higher bitrate and stuff than Sony A6xxx cameras and most Panasonics) Movie size: V 16:9, d 17:9, W 16:9, W 17:9 Frame rate: 59.94P, 50P, 29.97P, 25P, 24P, 23.98P Bit rate: 200Mbps, 100Mbps, 50Mbps Recording/output format: SD card, 4:2:0, 8-bit/HDMI output, 4:2:2, 10-bit
  5. The easiest option is to cut some foam and rest it over the mic, but it is a bit big and not well secured. Anyone have a better DIY alternative? Ideally something that can come off easily, but not so easily it falls off. I would consider a long term option if it is small enough. The two mics on my phone are on the top and the bottom, next to the charging port. I don't want the big fluffy things you can buy. I just realized I have earphone foam. Do you think it would ruin the camera if I used super glue to stick some on?
  6. For real estate videos you should be going slow enough to cut out the jumps. Just scrub through the footage then when you see a jump cut it out and overlap the clips a bit. Maybe half a second, just play with it and use what looks best. Then add a cross fade and bingo. Probably unnoticeable. ? I have tried variable NDs and click-less aperture lenses but cutting out the jumps has been better for slow footage. When manually twisting on such a small camera you will probably cause movement which ruins the video. I guess if my way doesn't work you can use the warp stabilizer on the footage with your lens with a variable ND. The lens OIS will help minimize the micro movements. The issue is that you have to meticulously scan the footage in post, whereas cutting out the jumps is super fast. Smooth ISO would have made the camera perfect.
  7. I am new to HDR video an find the choices limited and expensive and apparently many screens which advertise being HDR aren't, or aren't very good. I want to edit HLG footage from the XT3 to be shown on all modern TV screens. Do you have any advice for a reasonably priced option? Resolution and screen size aren't important to me. Prices from the likes of Dell can be so high that I wonder whether it would be OK to just buy a decent TV to use? Thanks.
  8. The 35mm f1.4 is supposed to have much improved focus speed (~15%) on the XT3, but it will still make a noise (which doesn't bother me). I have been avoiding testing it in a store as I expect it will be on a par with a Sigma with adapter for focus speed and have a bit more character (or "magic" as Fuji users say), so I would probably buy it. It's not worth the risk of using the Viltrox adapter. Using a native lens makes much more sense to me as you can rely on it and it is smaller and lighter. But before buying more FX lenses I want to check if the APSC sensor is suitable for 8K in future (I remember reading M43 is not ideal and assumed Panasonic went FF for that reason). If not it means a move to Panasonic or Nikon FF, so may as well invest in a sharper, quieter FF Sigma you can adapt.
  9. Yeah, that lens is bananas in good light for $100 or so. Also just got the toy-like 15-45mm which is amazing at 15mm and will hold me off buying the 16-55mm for a good while. May not need it at all if my 50mm Super Takumar and 55mm Minolta Rokkor are sharp enough on this sensor. Got the 23mm f2 for WR and 7artisans 35mm f1.2 for lowlight. The latter flares badly but the 23 has CA open.
  10. What is the cheapest SD card you have used with the XT3 with no problems? I want to use the top video option in 24fps. How many GB will 10 minutes of the top spec 24 fps video take up? Someone suggested a 64GB card would do 15 minutes earlier in the thread, but I saw somewhere else that 10 minutes would be approx 30GB. Hoping to buy the camera in the next day or two, so would like to get the right cards at the same time. I am thinking as a backup plan to rotate 2-3 cards by copying video files onto cheap micro SDs in my phone so I can use the SD cards again whilst out. Any advice much appreciated.
  11. Anyone care to hazard a guess whether the Fuji X-E4 will have the same video features. Doesn't seem much smaller than this: Or is the X-Pro3 a more realistic option to handle the heat for us left viewfider lovers? Or are these cameras unlikely to get these awesome video specs, with them being so popular for street photography?
  12. Are you sure? Fuji's next medium format camera will be announced soon. ? It will be too thin for video but the next one might not be, so if I buy the XT3 I won't be getting any extra Fuji mount lenses. Apparently you can use most FF ones on their medium format mount and this camera might just be under $3500. Might cheap out on a G90 for video to save up for the Fuji MF for photos, as it has the viewfinder in the right place, on the left. Why do cameras have viewfinders in the middle still? Is it purely for lefties? I know I am not the only one with a nose that protrudes out more than the central viewfinders.
  13. This is worrying. Did they take the whole bag or just slip the laptop out? I am definitely putting a lock on my carry on from now on. I also need a new laptop so can't advise, but can confirm that the Dell XPS 15 is an awesome travel laptop as it is so compact. Wouldn't hesitate getting another if the specs are good enough now. I had an MSI gaming laptop and mainly switched to the XPS as it was so much smaller.
  14. Too late. A year or two ago sure. But I only see longer 4k recording time and better color as big bonuses. Having what I assume is the same h.264/100Mbps fragile codec as my G7 just won't cut it in 2019. If it did h.265 at 100Mbps it would be a different matter. I think I saw the GX9 EVF is the same as the GX85's too, which was unusable for me and many others. At least we have some potentially awesome Nikon news tomorrow.
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