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  1. For real estate videos you should be going slow enough to cut out the jumps. Just scrub through the footage then when you see a jump cut it out and overlap the clips a bit. Maybe half a second, just play with it and use what looks best. Then add a cross fade and bingo. Probably unnoticeable. ? I have tried variable NDs and click-less aperture lenses but cutting out the jumps has been better for slow footage. When manually twisting on such a small camera you will probably cause movement which ruins the video. I guess if my way doesn't work you can use the warp stabilizer on the footag
  2. I am new to HDR video an find the choices limited and expensive and apparently many screens which advertise being HDR aren't, or aren't very good. I want to edit HLG footage from the XT3 to be shown on all modern TV screens. Do you have any advice for a reasonably priced option? Resolution and screen size aren't important to me. Prices from the likes of Dell can be so high that I wonder whether it would be OK to just buy a decent TV to use? Thanks.
  3. The 35mm f1.4 is supposed to have much improved focus speed (~15%) on the XT3, but it will still make a noise (which doesn't bother me). I have been avoiding testing it in a store as I expect it will be on a par with a Sigma with adapter for focus speed and have a bit more character (or "magic" as Fuji users say), so I would probably buy it. It's not worth the risk of using the Viltrox adapter. Using a native lens makes much more sense to me as you can rely on it and it is smaller and lighter. But before buying more FX lenses I want to check if the APSC sensor is suitable for 8K in future
  4. Yeah, that lens is bananas in good light for $100 or so. Also just got the toy-like 15-45mm which is amazing at 15mm and will hold me off buying the 16-55mm for a good while. May not need it at all if my 50mm Super Takumar and 55mm Minolta Rokkor are sharp enough on this sensor. Got the 23mm f2 for WR and 7artisans 35mm f1.2 for lowlight. The latter flares badly but the 23 has CA open.
  5. What is the cheapest SD card you have used with the XT3 with no problems? I want to use the top video option in 24fps. How many GB will 10 minutes of the top spec 24 fps video take up? Someone suggested a 64GB card would do 15 minutes earlier in the thread, but I saw somewhere else that 10 minutes would be approx 30GB. Hoping to buy the camera in the next day or two, so would like to get the right cards at the same time. I am thinking as a backup plan to rotate 2-3 cards by copying video files onto cheap micro SDs in my phone so I can use the SD cards again whilst out. Any advice muc
  6. Anyone care to hazard a guess whether the Fuji X-E4 will have the same video features. Doesn't seem much smaller than this: Or is the X-Pro3 a more realistic option to handle the heat for us left viewfider lovers? Or are these cameras unlikely to get these awesome video specs, with them being so popular for street photography?
  7. Are you sure? Fuji's next medium format camera will be announced soon. ? It will be too thin for video but the next one might not be, so if I buy the XT3 I won't be getting any extra Fuji mount lenses. Apparently you can use most FF ones on their medium format mount and this camera might just be under $3500. Might cheap out on a G90 for video to save up for the Fuji MF for photos, as it has the viewfinder in the right place, on the left. Why do cameras have viewfinders in the middle still? Is it purely for lefties? I know I am not the only one with a nose that protrudes out more than
  8. This is worrying. Did they take the whole bag or just slip the laptop out? I am definitely putting a lock on my carry on from now on. I also need a new laptop so can't advise, but can confirm that the Dell XPS 15 is an awesome travel laptop as it is so compact. Wouldn't hesitate getting another if the specs are good enough now. I had an MSI gaming laptop and mainly switched to the XPS as it was so much smaller.
  9. Too late. A year or two ago sure. But I only see longer 4k recording time and better color as big bonuses. Having what I assume is the same h.264/100Mbps fragile codec as my G7 just won't cut it in 2019. If it did h.265 at 100Mbps it would be a different matter. I think I saw the GX9 EVF is the same as the GX85's too, which was unusable for me and many others. At least we have some potentially awesome Nikon news tomorrow.
  10. I am in Asia so its not worth sending back as postage is $36. Just filled everything in to pay then bottled it when I got to PayPal. ? I will stick with what I have (which is surprisingly good at the right aperture) and then get a 10mm or 10.5mm when I can afford the SLR Magic at $599 at B&H. Saving for the BMPCC 4K at the moment (or maybe even the Nikon Z6 if it has the video specs). I wish they sold the SLR Magic for $599 locally as I am not comfortable spending that much on the other side of the world. Or if Laowa (more likely a 9mm zero distortion f2.8) or someone else makes one.
  11. So close to picking it up for $89 but I have a lot of experience with new Chinese lenses and the copy variation is not worth the risk, probably why it is so cheap. It probably wont have a flat focal plane. Actually, that's not really an issue with such a wide lens. I think my 12-32mm with Ricoh GW6 wide converter will be better as a 9.5mm f3.5 lens. 9.5mm is plenty wide enough for me, but it's only $89. Its gonna be snapped up fast, need to decide ??
  12. I would like to see one next to a GH5s. I think it may make the Panasonic sensor look needlessly small. If the lowlight version can do similar video specs (mainly whatever counts as HDR UHD), I will be very interested. Canon may feel that have to follow suit to keep up. This just might be great for video cameras under $2500 next year.
  13. Just sold my Sigma as it was too big for photos, but I may buy it back once the BMPCC 4K comes out and I start doing video again. I find it wide enough and it is an improvement over the PL15mm, but if you dont need the wider aperture (thinner DOF and better low light) then I would get the 15mm. Or for your budget you could get both the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 and Panasonic 20mm f1.7. Both little pancakes but think of the 20mm as a manual focus lens. I want the extra aperture so if I don't re-buy the Sigma I may get the Samyang 21mm F1.4 or T1.5 cine version. The 14mm and 15mm lenses can be a
  14. MacMurphy


    I got a pre-AIS Nikon 50mm f1.4 recently but it was poor on one side so went back. Wide open it was quite poor, as you would expect (newer versions will be better because of the coating and whatnot). Amazing at f5.6 though. Then got an old M42 Yashica f1.7 50mm but it is not good at all wide open (OK center but terrible edges). Just got a Canon 50mm f1.4 FDn today and it is awesome wide open. Never seems to get as good as the Nikon did, but being so good wide open means it gets my vote. But for filmic its nowhere near my Super Takumar 55mm f1.8, so next on my list is to get a 50mm f1.4 SM
  15. I thought I saw a post showing it was terrible for over sharpening (everything looked painted on when zoomed in). Let me check... Here it is: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/features/item/22923_By_popular_demand_Nokia_808_Pu.php maybe there has been a firmware update or something to fix it?
  16. Olympus 45mm f1.8. You get a bit extra bokeh because the focal plane isnt flat at the sides (I think the Lenstip review talks about this, they have compared all options in this range). Mine had a slight yellow cast as well which made images look better straight away. It is well within your budget and the bokeh is smoother than the 42.5mm f1.7. But the latter has OIS. Try them both in a store. The Panasonic is a bit sharper but the bokeh a bit busier. Also try the Sigma 60mm f2.8 which has a similar depth of field (depending on distance). The 60 is not too long, ridiculously sharp for th
  17. Take the kit zoom if it does the camera justice like Panasonic and Fuji kit zooms do. For $200 it should be a bargain. 295g is good... I just checked reviews and it isn't on the same level as Fuji and Panasonic kit zooms, very mixed reviews. May as well get it anyway for that price and test it yourself. Then a pants pocketable APSC Ricoh GR; 28mm f2.8 super sharp lens, award winning colors, plus it is super easy to use. It is a one handed camera, which could be very useful on those slopes (an RX100 would feel slippery without a good add-on grip, then it might not be pocketable). The GR is
  18. Just started with Fuji and have no GAS whatsoever for once about getting set up with lenses. Thanks to the lowly old first version of the 16-50mm kit lens f3.5-5.6 (eq. 24-75mm). On the Fuji lens comparison site it is similar to the top lenses with the advantage of being a zoom, OIS and faster focusing and probably much lighter. I use small old lenses for low light. So maybe there is a Sony kit zoom which is sharp and quick. Then a little fast 28mm ish pancake for night.
  19. Recently discovered the Sony XZ2 (there are 3 versions) films HDR 4K video. Lacks full manual controls, maybe an app can get around that. I think the screen is HDR too. I have seen some good and some really bad looking footage on YouTube from it, although I haven't viewed on a HDR screen. Not good enough to consider buying from what I saw, but it is a sign of things to come. Surely Samsung won't want to be left lacking features and then Apple will implement it in a couple of years, as they like to hold new features back. I am keeping an eye on the space as I am run and gun and need UHD HD
  20. Very exciting. I am due a new phone so might try this with it being able to film 4K HDR as well as display it. Might be a good stop gap until the BMPCC 4K arrives.
  21. I am run and gun; sticking with the MFT Sigma 16mm F1.4 and 30mm F1.4. I don't need better focusing. Will probably just keep the Sigma 60mm f2.8 with me too for occasional use, or it's forthcoming successor. I think there is some in-camera correction though with these lenses, so maybe the 16mm will just have to be tested before settling on it for sure.
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