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  1. HI there, shot the above promo for a documentary we are making. 99.9% done on the JVC LS300. Settings on JVC were J LOG, UHD, Samyang lenses and Atomos Shogun. Editing on Adobe Premiere If you exclude the flimsy build quality we think it does produce a great image for the money. cheers
  2. Thanks for the comments. It is basically the Jlog with a tiny push on the colour but hardly anything so I appreciate some may like it and some won't. The full documentary will be done by next year. The audio mix is not me as I would still be here next year trying to get my levels right! I pulled in a favour from my mate who is brilliant sports features editor. cheers
  3. Hi All, first post here so hello. When self shooting i use the LS300 with an Atomos Shogun and Samyang primes. As mentioned without the Shogun and its focus peaking you would need an external monitor or an EVF. However, despite this drawback the image quality (in my opinion) is great. This was all shot with the JVC apart from 2 clips. cheers
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