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  1. ShaunC

    my first short

    I also really like the "dark" shots (like 1.44). We're always talking about dynamic range, and IQ etc etc, but sometimes it's all in the shadows. In the murky bits. Makes you look harder. Good stuff.
  2. ShaunC

    my first short

    I like it. A lot. Don't change a thing. Well done.
  3. Just came across this post from Hal Hartley on Instagram. He's updating a bunch of his old films, including Surviving Desire. He included a screen shot of updating the colour of Surviving Desire on DaVinci Resolve. Of course, we know filmmakers all over the world use this stuff. Still, it's cool. And if you haven't seen any of Hartley's films, do yourself a favour.
  4. I think Jasper should be in every thread. What are Jasper's views on the Blackmagic Pocket 4K? Does Jasper think the superior image from BM beats the functionality of the Panasonic mirrorless options?
  5. Weren't we talking about some old, cheap cameras? I think "Kangaroo" made his or her purchase. Everything else ... madness.
  6. Good choice. It's a great camera (as are all the cameras discussed in this thread). Just don't drop the bloody thing! That screen on the back is so exposed. Mine has a big crack across it. Totally my fault, but it still works. So all good.
  7. That’s a tough question. IBIS and 4K on the GX85 are nice, but really when it comes to image quality there’s not a lot in it. For me the GH3 feels good in the hand.The buttons makes sense where they are. Battery lasts forever. I take both on every shoot, but if I had to take only one, it would be the GH3. I just know it won’t let me down. If you can pick up a GH3 for a couple of hundred bucks, you’ll really have nothing to regret.
  8. I keep going to upgrade my GH3, but never do. It has been dropped, dragged along the footpath, rained on. Rubbery bits have fallen off and I’ve gaffer taped them back on, and still the damn thing keeps working for me. In terms of income vs camera cost ratio, I can’t complain. The thing is bullet proof. I’ve been looking at all the new releases, but 2nd hand GH3s are so cheap... 1080p is all I need, and that thing paired with my voigtlander 25mm is just heaven. I also have a GX85. Yeah, it’s okay, but I just know it won’t be around as long as the GH3.
  9. It’s a bizarre little lens. Cheap any way you look at it. I’ve been using it on the GX85, makes the whole combo tiny. And I like the image I get. Not fast, but at f4 it’s not for low light stuff anyway. There seems to be no decent review out there that I can find, not from the usual suspects anyway. Which is a shame, because for a low budget kit this lens seems a no brainer.
  10. Bugger. I just grabbed it for $129. What the hell is wrong with this lens? I like it so far. Maybe they’re running them out. But at that price ... come on Voightlander I want a 42.5 for $200.
  11. Mine arrived. Hope yours did too. Only shot a few seconds with it so far (on a gx85) but I like the couple of clips I got. For the price I reckon it’s a bargain.
  12. I had the SLR Magic 12mm “old version” too. Sold it. Worst decision I ever made. I really miss that lens.
  13. And the SLR magic 8mm is on sale at B and H right now. $129. I’ve read mixed reviews but at that price I’ve just grabbed one.
  14. Jeremiah from artlist responds pretty quickly to email queries. I did cheekily suggest to him that beta adopters should be immune to any subscription price hike. I don't think he liked that idea.
  15. Artlist io ... Been using this site for 6 months now. It's hard to complain about it. They're slowly improving functionality and gradually add more artists. I do wonder how they (and the artists) make any money though.
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