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    • CCD sensors definitely got that "classic digital" mojo and better yet are mostly global shutter. it's kind of a shame no one recently aside from digital bolex has done either still/video cams using a CCD in favor of CMOS due to the race in DR & high ISO performance.  I'd love to pick up an old CCD cam just for fun but problem is theyr'e usually SD resolution & using obsolete formats like DV/Firewire etc.. I did find the Panasonic AG-HMC150 which is actually built around the aforementioned cult DVX100 but shoots in 1080p (upscaled) and records to SD: IQ looks amazing imo & nails that vibe, but sadly camera seems real hard to find if not impossible here in europe  
    • I've had A7, A7II, A7III, A7S, A7SII. I think I'm pretty familiar with the whole A7 series!! I'd trade any of them for a 1DX2 in a heartbeat. Although kind of apples & watermelon.   I like Nikon too, they've just been so behind in video, especially AF and no peaking in like the 2 cameras that shoot 4K.. pity really. D750 had awesome sensor/color science. As for Luts & resolve.. I enjoy it when i can grade creatively.. hate having to fight with every clip just to get normal colors/skintones. Drives me nuts & often time is money.
    • That's kind of a nebulous statement.  Who knows what will happen 20 years from now.  Maybe they will be back.  Anything is possible.  But as for right now?  I doubt they are going to be back any time soon.  Consumer electronics is a rough business.  I said it for years that the camera market couldn't support so many players... at least not profitably.  And I certainly called out the issues with Samsung while a small but vocal group of people were fanboing the NX1.  As I predicted Samsung exited the interchangable lens party in short order. Now the BMPCC 4k is months away from launch.  If they couldn't last with the NX1 years ago they certainly aren't going to last very long in a post BMPCC 4k world.  $1,300 with full Resolve, raw, false color, recording via USB C, 5 inch touch screen, etc? SLRs have always been a niche thing.  It's not like in the 80s a quarter of households had a Canon or Nikon SLR and a couple of lenses. I don't know why people think just because these cameras are digital the majority of people are even interested in them.  People with smartphones have no desire to go out and get some bulky (yes even mirrorless is bulky) device for $1,499 and pay through the nose for some lenses just to take pictures.  Given a choice between that and and a couple of iphones, an ipad, and a netflix subscribtion for a year we know where the money is going to go.  How many single items do most people commit $1,500+ dollars to?!  House, car, maybe TV (if they are a guy).  Well I guess Apple fanbois buy overpriced laptops and desktops for that much but most people don't spend $1,500 at a go on one item. Agreed.
    • all these examples are in daylight conditions.. skintone issues start to arise in mixed/artificial light if you're not super careful with WB/Color settings..
    • I am sure they Could do it, but with this new 4K BMPCC and the Sony A7 mk III at the prices they are it would be even more risky now. We don't know if the next GH6 will come out cheaper because of it than the GH5. Will it force Canon, Nikon to really change the price now of their new Mirrorless stuff. I think both of these recent announcements have to effect the market pricing pretty big time going forward. I think even Sony has put themselves in a tight box with the A7 mk III pricing. Is a better EVF and better LCD worth 1000 bucks more? Is the A9 worth 4 grand now new? They now have 4 FF cameras fighting for the same market in a sense now. Is the A9 worth twice the price of the A7 mk III now. Doubt it. To a Pro it is, but how many are they going to sell to them? And now with Fuji picking up the pace in video with the X-H1, which I am sure Samsung could beat specs wise, but still the market is not as forgiving as it was a few years ago. I don't see how you can sell a APSC camera now for even 2 grand, let alone m4/3 cameras at that price. I just don't see an opening for Samsung in any market, APSC, FF or less. The mirrorless camera market soon is going to be packed with all kind and brands of bodies. It is going to get really ugly soon. And it appears Blackmagic and Sony are willing to just about give their stuff away to grab and keep market share. And it also shows how little money is needed to make one of these cameras and still make money doing it. Unless Samsung has some total groundbreaking camera like the 4K BMPCC in a APSC size I think it would be suicide.