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    • Thanks Guys  My iMac is 2013 I7 3.0GHZ turbo boost ssd 512 and 32gb ram still struggles a bit. I will be editing in Premiere Pro. Just wanted to see the quickest and most efficient way for pro res to Premiere?  I haven't used it much for video yet as my A Cam is a Canon C500. I haven't came across this yet? But was it the solution?  Thanks guys
    • Agreed!  Otherwise, somebody needs to tell all the pro mixers here in Hollywood that they are wasting their money hiring boom operators!   I suspect that this suggestion will sound alien to some here, but never mount your shotgun mic to your camera.  Always boom the shotgun mic just outside of the frame, as close as possible to the subject.  If your subject is static, such as someone sitting for an interview, you can boom from a light stand or C-stand.   Of course, make sure that the shotgun mic is aimed directly at the subject's mouth or aimed directly at the action you want to record.   One important trick that is often overlooked -- position the mic so that there are no air conditioners or other noise sources along the shotgun mic's axis (both in front and in back of the mic) where it is most sensitive.  So, if there is an air conditioner on camera right, boom the mic from slightly to camera right, so that it is aiming a little leftward towards the subject, perpendicular to the noise source on the right of camera.   As @maxotics suggested, it is best to use both a lav and a boomed shotgun, if possible.  In such a scenario, one is always a backup for the other.    
    • Tascams have a CAMERA OUT port, I haven't used them yet.. is it silly to mix with such a recorder and send to the DSLR? How it does affect quality?
    • A good 4 core i7 machine with a good gpu you can edit in realtime 4k 60p MJPEG in Resolve. Jcs stated the same for premiere. In case of Resolve you gain nothing in converting to prores.  If you search the forums you can see in which kind of HD it works... 
    • I find it easier to get my kids to read than to watch 'old' movies. The visual entertainment made for them now gets them into a terrible habit of requiring a beat in every scene to keep them interested - even what seemed like fast paced movies when I was younger now seem interminably drawn out to them now. It's a terrible shame and I can't see it getting much better - I think as time goes on the enjoyment of 20th century cinema will become a micro-niche pursuit.