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    • With iOS 11 Apple opened up the dual camera depth data API to developers. I’ve been using the built in portrait mode on my iPhone 7 Plus for a while now and love it.  However, today I downloaded a new app that takes full advantage of the depth sensing technology and it’s blowing my mind!!  The app is called Anamorphic and it was $2.99 and it may be the best app I’ve ever purchased. The app allows you to take an image, and then adjust where you want the blur to happen in 3D space. You can then feather the blur in the same way you would feather a Luma Key, but it feathers it in Z space. It then applies the most realistic and gorgeous anamorphic bokeh and aberration. Export it out and put VSCO Cam on it and it looks like you took an image with a film camera with a T1.4 vintage Cooke anamorphic lens on it!!! Just testing this app out today has made me giddy and it really feels like magic when you use it. I’m so excited to experiment more with this and even more excited about getting an iPhone X with the faster telephoto lens and OIS!  This excites me about the future of cinematography. It’s going to be computational! Imagine shooting on a $100,000 cinema lens that has been profiled that you can simulate in post. Lytro is working on it on the high end, but the fact that my tiny cheap iPhone can do it blows my mind   Below you’ll see the normal image that was taken and then the “Anamorphic” with VSCO one.  Download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anamorphic/id1247287369?mt=8
    • Thanks @Cinegain you wont regret for sec i promisse you its razer sharp plus has ibis its light also and best lens for me! to run&gun (5axis) tho ND is a must 😅In day time and in lowlight u u wont go above 800iso with it if thats makes sense? I also had 18-35(utra) and if had to choose between them two it would defiantly be Leica 12-60.  
    • @Andrew Reid Have you heard anything from Panasonic about the open gate being 4:2:2 and not 4:2:0? 

      In your article the screenshots show 4:2:0

      but the official release documentation shows 4:2:2

      Thus I'm kind of wondering if the messed up the documentation, or they will actually have 6k 4:2:2 10bit in the release.
    • This iPhone 8 teardown has confirmed that the pixel pitch of both the wide and telephoto sensor is the same as the iPhone 7.  http://www.techinsights.com/about-techinsights/overview/blog/apple-iphone-8-teardown/  
    • The scarlet uses just part of the sensor an is an 1.87x crop from 35mm ff. The sensor read of the ump is bigger than that. Why do you "need" 4k and not 4.6k?