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Gauging the reaction to the Panasonic GH6

Andrew Reid

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The Panasonic GH6 is going to be the most advanced Micro Four Thirds camera ever made.

The reaction has been pretty positive.

But is it enough for it to be a solid update over the GH5? Does it need a big attention grabbing feature that makes it unique?

New blog post:


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The reactions I've seen have been interesting. Mostly positive. I've even seen some A7siii users talking about moving back (TL;DR Filmmaker on YouTube for example talked about it.)

It was very, very strange to see Toneh Northrup give the GH5ii a glowing review (he recommended it for YouTubers!) and had positive words for the GH6. Odd given he has spent the last 3 years being doom and gloom about M43. 

I'm still cautiously optimistic about the GH6. I don't want to get too excited, but I think they've got something up their sleeve. There's been a lot of praise about the GH5ii's video auto focus in higher frame rates, which makes me wonder if this new processor might be the key to unlocking more reliable AF for lower frame rates since it seems that the more data it has to use the better the AF is. A powerful enough processor could possibly translate that to better AF for lower frame rate recording, and perhaps add some other improvements that makes that $2500 price tag make more sense. 


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I understand this thread as opportunity for (the most serious and well minded) message to Panasonic.

Blog post summarized it all.

What I can add as small holistic addition is suggestion that it is the last chance for Panasonic (or it will be done by somebody else) to collect all very important and still distinctive virtues of m43 system and finally offer them in one camera. I mean, don't behave as not too smart little calculating coward - because moment of camera evolution doesn't allow to be as such.

Barrier of price has been already broke through  - I think that even 3000e starting price for m43 movie making machine is pretty competitive with added qualities mentioned in blog post. At the end of a day, this clearly is territory for professionals who make money with camera, or for high end enthusiasts (finding field of deeper self-actualisation in camera usage) seeking for best artistic instrument.

Being now pretty serious involved in sort of art creation, my experience with both m43 and FF system told me that - at least in that field of interest - they are clearly not competitive, but different in some very important areas.

For just one example: contrary, as it seems, to most public, I found that possibility to get deeper DOF with better light gathering (even more taking into account modern sensor sensitiveness) is crucial for my way of thinking. For making truly rich art experience, shallow DOF has to be used extremely sparingly, or even not at all. There is far more demanded mastery, and respective distinctive achievement, in capability to arrange scene with meaningful and seriously thought out content in background, than cheaply and lazy blurred it. Potential in transferring complex and deeper message in just one shot is at the side of deeper DOF, but demands more talented mind and much more crafting mastery.

Being so close to the perfectly capable camera regarding compactness, reliability, ergonomic, RAW as best codec, ND, maybe or not IBIS, with best possible 4k delivery quality as indeed far away future proof, etc mentioned in blog post - price gap of say 500e is not so important. Nor the race between m43 and FF who understand their distinctive virtues.

Chance to sooner bring to table the most rounded instrument is still on the m43 side with its lens ecosystem, including affordable cheap truly cine zoom solutions such as, at the moment, say DZO film's. Even with fast gradually catching up, of course including bonus crop choice, FF system is not even close to offer comparatively affordable and compact cine zoom lens.

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My friend is definitely interested on GH6, he got EOS R atm but he still loves his old G7 and compactness of mft lens in general.


I sadly moved on from M43, my phone is taking over the m43 role as compact photo camera, and with C70/R5 I dont think I will be going back.



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At € 2500,- it's gonna be a hard sell I think. Especially when you can buy an S1 for € 1700,- these days...

I have no doubts that the S1 has a better sensor with more dynamic range and better low light performance. And full frame DOF when you need it. 
And even in the 50p/60p and anamorphic 50/60p modes, the crop factor will be 1.5 as opposed to 2.0.

So the only stuff that the GH6 would do better is:
- 6k at 60p
- 120 fps in 4k
- Probably better rolling shutter
- Better IBIS

I mean, those are worthy advantages and should not be overlooked, but for most filmmakers I think the S1 is still the better choice. And very likely, not long after the GH6 release there will be a successor to the first S-line camera's. 

So the GH6 will probably appeal to people who have a bunch of M43 stuff / lenses, and / or people who like small lenses and lower weight.

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Already bought A7S3. And now selling GH5 will all its lenses. It took Panasonic just way too long, tired to wait. Sony has an advantage of a)superior low light b) superior AF c)smaller faster cheaper lenses (Tamron zooms, Samyang primes, etc), d) probably better DR. So I am not worrying. But Pana had superior ergo. Do I need 6k60? Not that much. 

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I also used mostly adapted EF glass on GH5 and I know AF would never be any good on those (Sigma 18-35, Tokina 11-20, etc) so its another bummer. Buying 10-25 and 25-50 does not seem very practical -  heavy, expensive and both cover the range of 24-105 which is alltogether cheaper, lighter on most FF systems (being a single lens). I can get 35 1.8 200 gram Samyang prime for 400$, or 18mm 2.8 that is 160 gram. Can I get an AF equivalent for MFT? Nope, just heavy manual 0.95 primes with blurry edges. 

GH5 with speedbooster and 18-35 = 1700 grams

A7S3 with Tamron 28-75 = 1280 gram. And you get much more range, albeit no 24mm and 2.4 vs 2.8.. but with perfect AF 🙂

Anyway, I am glad I've switched.

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@Amazeballs I would prefer a GH6 with similar image as the Lumix S series, also means absent digital sharpening. With a S16 crop, anamorphic S16, bummer! Take that above any other DSLM except my S1:) Would be a great addition. If it has internal NDs, no contest. With SDI out, it´s a must purchase for me.

You can get the Laowa 7.5 f2, no AF though but stellar optical performance, perfect for moviemakers with the love for extrem wide view.

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I've been on the good ship Panasonic for 11 years now, using the GH series for my video business.

Last year I got an S1 to pair with my GH5. I love the combo as an A/B setup for interviews, and for location shooting having the GH5 with the stellar Leica 8-18mm on the gimbal ready to roll. It's a small and powerful system I can put in a single backpack and the Lumix cameras have never missed a beat for me, bullet-proof in professional environments.

However... after a brief flirtation with a C200 I crave built-in NDs and more video-centric ergonomics. The C200 was too heavy and large for my tastes, but the C70 is close to the perfect A camera for me. I'm very tempted. The main reason I haven't switched already is Canon don't have a bullet-proof B cam in their R series line up yet, nothing I would trust over a GH5 for the wide range of work I do (sometimes having to lock off a camera and let it run for 2 hours). I love Panasonic, I want them to keep my business, but the temptation is getting greater. It sounds silly, but a GH6 and S1H II with built-in NDs (up to at least 8 stops) would probably be enough to keep me and upgrade both cameras. I trust them to knock all the other features out the park.

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1 hour ago, androidlad said:

5720 x 4290

Completely revamped DFD AF that's on par with, and sometimes better than A7S III.

Any tidbits about possible sensor? Sony doesn’t have a 24MP MFT sensor listed on their website. So perhaps it’s a custom ordered design from Panasonic and JIP.

39 minutes ago, Jimbo said:

However... after a brief flirtation with a C200 I crave built-in NDs and more video-centric ergonomics.

I think the internal ND feature would make it stand out, especially if they can keep the G9/S5 form factor.

I’m still on the hunt for a smallish camera that shoots 4K with good AF. If it has internal ND and much improved AF It would jump to the front.

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49 minutes ago, androidlad said:

There's also a red front record button on GH6 just like S1H, if you know where to look.

It would need a 1/10th size focus module of the one that is the one which manufacturers are making, as an addition on the camera via the hotshoe. 

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