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Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...


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On 8/17/2020 at 9:36 AM, herein2020 said:

I'm just curious, if you already own the S1 is the S5 really so much better that you would buy it?  If the GH6 had such minor upgrades over the GH5 I would not buy it. I think the only thing that would get me into a GH6 would be 4K120. Dual gain ISO, and ProRes would be pretty nice too though.

It's time to stop fetishising Prores - h264 422 10-bit ALL-I and h265 422 10-bit ALL-I codecs are better than Prores at the same bitrate, and h265 doesn't have much advantage over h264 either, so you're better off with h264 because it's very friendly in post and shouldn't require transcoding.


Vertical axis is better IQ, and horizontal axis is bitrate - read more here:


On 8/18/2020 at 11:54 PM, Mark Romero 2 said:

It's not particularly good in terms of picking out what exactly to focus on.

Anyone who has ever watched their AF system focus on the wrong thing should know that AF isn't about how many dual pixels you have, when they're focusing on the wrong thing then your shot is still ruined.

I switched to manual focus and have never looked back.

21 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

I could seem them releasing a firmware update for the S1 and S1H to readjust the product segments. Otherwise this S5 is stepping on the S1’s toes so to speak.

If they adjust the S1 up in features then the S1H would need a price drop or a firmware.

Currently my GH5 is still kicking all these cameras asses, because of the firmware updates it got and these camera MIGHT get.

You're all jumping at shadows - until these cameras either do (or don't) get higher bitrate ALL-I codecs then it's all conjecture.

Panasonic have hinted very strongly that a GH camera is coming, and wether this is true or not doesn't really matter - some or all of these cameras will get firmware updates to hugely upgrade them, and if they don't then it will be because there's another camera that will come in and take a place higher up in the lineup.

Chill and let the dust settle.  Or, more likely, wait until all the options have even been put on the table, then let the dust settle, even just a little....

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"Panasonic S5 set to challenge Sony A7 IV, pencilled for September 2nd reveal"

This suggests the Achilles heal, the autofocus has been Fixed.


"Whatever Sony have up their sleeve, it better be good because I know what full frame camera is coming next from Panasonic and it’s mightily impressive, more than you expect."

This 100% confirms that the autofocus handicap had been fixed (and that it will be the first camera with the New Autofocus Transition), and also a few kickass new features too (multiple options for focussing like a proper gaffer, on film shoots). Way better image in photos. Maybe a new (higher resolution) sensor and/or much faster photo burst modes. I also suspect an improvement to VLog and or 1-2 VLog standards.

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Really excited to see whats this is all about. If it can compete with the next Sony a7IV according to @AndrewReid then something is different from other Panasonic cameras with this one.

Let's hope they offer some breakthrough new DFD technology wich comes close to PDAF! 

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This is becoming increasingly interesting to me...

My only two criticisms of the S1 (for stills) and S1H (for video) pairing that I was previously considering was:

A: The size...which whilst not a deal-breaker, was/is larger than I’d ideally like to work with and

B: The AF which was/is a deal-breaker.

There is actually a third and that is the big white LUMIX lettering, but that can be reduced with some black paint.

So yes, with a size reduction over the existing models and AF of at least an acceptable standard, could this be a hybrid finally that ticks all my boxes?

I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks...

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