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  1. Can't see vloggers paying $2K to make youtube vids that'll be mostly watched in 1080 that don't need FF. I don't know who Sony think their target market for this is, vloggers with more money than sense? PewDiePie and a few others. Also, damn it's ugly. EVF in a weird place. Odd choices by Sony all round.
  2. No 4K 60 10 bit. No All-I. Instant show stoppers for me. This is before you get to the AF which just doesn't cut it these days. Plus the IBIS doesn't look great, given they're targetting this at vloggers with flippy screen and size, another miss. I agree with Gerald Undone's assessment that it's a strange combo - will ultimately support anamorphic but no 4K 60 10 bit and All-I? Missed opportunity all round. Strange choices by Pannasonic. As an aside the leaked specs didn't match up.
  3. If Panasonic prices the lens right they could really carve out a niche for themselves - Hybrid FF 4K with 'good enough' lens for most people at a lower price. There's no clear hybrid 'winner' amongst everybody else at the moment - could Panny sneak through middle? Lets find out!
  4. The leaked press release says improved AF, for head, eye, face, body - make of that what you will, but personally I'm not hopeful because Sony the sensor fab knows this unlocks the market. All the major manufacturers can now pull off continuous record in most modes (if they don't cripple - big if) - but PDAF is the final differentiator. If Panasonic can deliver decent PDAF AND continuous record times in all modes they have real contender but that is a massive assumption at this point. I really hope they can though because the recent Canon debarcle has shown more than ever we need more competition.
  5. Enjoy being an apologist for shills. You can try and split hairs all you like, there's zero way you could use that camera for any amount of time and not experience the issues. None. As I pointed out, their subsequent reviews mentioned overheating because they couldn't not by that point. It had become a big story by then. They were exposed. Your knowledge of the chronology of this appears to be faulty as you've now acknowledged their earlier 'reviews' did mention it when initially you didn't and accused people of lying. I'd suggest doing more thorough research before accusing people of lying. Unless of course you have your own agenda that isn't interested in the facts.
  6. As others have pointed out by those that have actually watched their initial reviews, they didn't mention overheating. That's right, an R5/R6 review that doesn't mention overheating. Let that sink in. There's no way you could shoot any of the higher video modes and not experience restrictions. There's no way you could shoot stills and use the camera generally then switch to video modes and not see recording time reductions. They were clearly being underhand - they obviously lied and misled potential purchasers. People would have placed pre-orders on the basis of those videos. People spending thousands being deliberatly misled. Of course then what happens are non-shills start reviewing the camera and naturally mention the overheating. Chris and Jordan are now exposed - they can't not mention now its out in the open and is a big story - hence their later 'reviews' above. So we can talk about agendas, its pretty clear what dpreviews reviewers agenda are - affiliate revenue first with transparency and end users best interests much lower down the list. It's dpreviews business model and if you can't see that, that's naive.
  7. Can't trust a word Jordan or Chris say after they completely glossed over the overheating issues in their first 'reviews' of these cameras. It would have been completely obvious within minutes that shooting stills affects the video modes. They said nothing. It would blindindly obvious the BS 'cool down' times were far too long. Again they said nothing. This pair of shills were happy to pull the wool over prospective customers eyes, just click the affiliate link below.
  8. From the tear down it appears Canon really didn't implement much physical temp reduction at all. Given as EA has proved on here you can run over an hour 8K with this hardware you might assume that's why they didn't bother to put more physical heat managment in - because they've essentially cracked it and want to protect the C line.
  9. Customers like Karolina were deliberatly misled by Canon's marketing. It was sold front and centre as a 'professional' hybrid camera and focused very heavily on the video capabilities. Yet if you listen to the fan boys it's like none of this ever happened and canon can 'do what they like'. It's pretty disgusting given people have shelled out thousands of their hard earned in good faith. If you dare to point any of this out, as Andrew and others have done, you come under sustained personal attack! The fan boys have a lot to answer for.
  10. People have now seen you can run the thick end of an hour of 8K. Canon giving another 10 minutes ain't going to cut it. The cat is out the bag. Another issue Canon has to deal with, of their own making.
  11. You wanna hook up with Horshack, he's trying to achieve the same thing - share notes!
  12. Peltier coolers are very very inefficient but as Andrew and others have shown any form of cooling is completely irrelevant to the recording times of the R5! The Tilta mock up appeared rather quickly and just gave the fan boys something to grasp onto and prolong the denial that Canon was actually shafting its customers. It's damning that owners have to resort to such measures - look at it how butt ugly that cooler is! Just fix the damn camera Canon. You created this mess, you fix it.
  13. This guy references Horshack / EOSHD. It is getting out there, be good if one of the bigger tech sites picked it up for more exposure.
  14. If you can get 50 mins of 8K AND it would have kept rolling, you'd surely get unlimited 4K HQ. It's not soo much Canon crippling the R5, it's a wholesale kneecapping. Definitely a tech scandal. Anybody defending Canon over this is siding with the corporate giant intent on maximising profits and screwing over the little guy without a second thought. Canon lied to make more money, that's the bottom line. Anybody that says 'this is normal' needs to have a serious look at their principles.
  15. As I understand it, if you 'legit' stop recording the timer data is written so you can't bypass the cripple timer. IMO this isn't about getting a 'workaround' work flow in the first instance and actually retrieving footage, this is about shaming Canon into acting by showing how much it could run for in the crippled modes. User / Magic Lantern etc workarounds should come later if Canon don't act.
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