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  1. It is possible on older cameras. I rolled back my 6d to install magic lantern.
  2. Has someone (Hoka Key?) confirmed they patched the holes you guys found? Namely battery door and external recording?
  3. Yes, pretty much. Historically Canon will NOT improve their cameras through firmware. The exception was R and RP because they were being slaughtered. But even them, minor updates to AF and introduction of 24fps. They will NOT acknowledge any wrong doing and will try to patch any work around. I am a Canon shooter (use old, used gear because it is the cheapest by far), but I am ashamed of that now, if I ever can afford a switch to Sony I will.
  4. So, here is where you guys are hanging out. I thought you were in the DP review forums still. But anyway. 1 - it seems it will stabilize at 72C I think this is the third test I see stabilizing at that temperature long term. 2 - it drops 7C in under 3 minutes between card exchange. So anything more than about 15 minute wait time must be artificial
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