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  1. footage looks beautiful. nice camera.
  2. It was randomly slipping in one frame from other parts of the clip. I started a thread on it in the resolve subforum on bmd's forum, then others mentioned the same issue as well as some owners of the a7s. Hopefully they fix it when it comes out of beta.
  3. Great images from a camera at that price but what lens options do you have to use manual focus with good throw for a focus puller on a narrative shoot?
  4. If it was under a grand it would do well. As it is it's a monitor to a red camera that receives calls from the producer complaining about setup times
  5. Resolve 14 on windows 10 has issues with Sony files like xavc-s and a7rii files.
  6. this camera is just weird without the 10bit codec. I don't get it. Also, I never rented a c series but is the evf useless for any doc or cinema-verite shoulder rig shooting? It would be nice to have it detachable so you configure it on the top handle. Seems like it would be heavy handheld to use the evf on the back like that.
  7. I think content like this to be displayed in the television section of the store is fine. What else am I suppose to get out of this besides the image itself?
  8. That's the way it should be, but they put internal 'raw' in it.
  9. Panasonic needs to leave dfd af and figure out how to compete with dpaf because amateurs and professionals without large crews know how much time and energy this saves on a shoot. Panny can come out with the best features but dpaf is joining the idea of canon colors on why most will go with them knowing that their overpriced cameras are being crippled.
  10. canon color internal compressed raw usable af May not be the system for fast turn around broadcast work but this is a killer camera for indie filmmakers who have time for post work.
  11. this is new info not based on the picture but a source and the site rates it a 5 which is the highest rating they give for it being right. But like you're saying who knows until it is officially revealed.
  12. 4/3 rumors confirms new s35 sensor and ef mount. http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-new-panasonic-varicam-has-a-s35-sensor-and-will-be-announced-on-friday/
  13. http://www.43rumors.com/ft3-future-panasonic-gh5-firmware-update-will-give-us-20-framess-in-raw/ "Panasonic is working on a GH5 high speed burst mode. It will also offer up to 20 frames/s in RAW! It should be added via future firmware update. this would match the current performance of the new Sony A9." Just four more frames... I wonder how long it will be able to record this.
  14. I would like to shoot a narrative piece with this look, but since I'm not a dp, I'm unsure about too many things.
  15. Some direct sun with shade showing how it handles daylight dynamic range. Not sure if this is v-log.
  16. Facebook post... Nikon Speedbooster .71x -> Nippon Kogaku h auto 50mm f2 -> Kowa 8z -> CineD 4k 4:3 50p 8bit
  17. 43rumors claims a tip said this was the specs (ft3): S35 sensor (from the Varicam LT) EF-mount 14+ stops of DR 4k/1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 recording Possible Prores recording Two XLR inputs SDI/HDMI output Dual SDXC slots Detachable sidegrip and top handle Price: $6500 http://www.43rumors.com/ft3-are-those-the-new-panasonic-camcorder-specs/#disqus_thread
  18. Wolfcrow provides a workaround to get approximate guides for different aspect ratios. http://wolfcrow.com/blog/how-to-get-frame-markers-or-guides-in-the-panasonic-gh5-no-tape-or-purchases/ Is there a reason why Panasonic doesn't provide this on their gh series? I have this on my iphone and rx100 iv.
  19. I just want varicam colors with a s35 sensor, e var nd, and some kind of raw out for ~5 grand. Could care less about af, ibis, or higher 4k slo-mo options.
  20. I was thinking that but when I saw them full screen I saw that the Kholi lut did preserve some color in her skin. I think maybe you just need to boost it up a little. The original is too harsh full res, full screen.
  21. I meant the original gh5 grade. The colors are a little garish but I think this lut is too flat for her skin. Maybe just tweak it a little and get some color back in her face? edit: On second viewing, it does look better with the Kholi lut. I needed to look at them full screen. If they gave the gh5 better highlight handling it would've been a done deal.
  22. New indestructible Amaran Tri8 LED panel for around $400-$500. So many great led options coming out.
  23. I like your grade better. Her color here might be more consistent, but she's losing life in her face and also she's flattening out with the background. Maybe a balance between the two? I'm more concerned with the lamp on the left.
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