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  1. Plenty of pans and tilts here. Seems nice for handheld. There's a bit of the drag and catch up, but some of it is very smooth and nothing like what was originally plaguing the g85. I'm guessing this is fine for the state of ibis today even compared to other cameras? Also, the steady shots are great.
  2. Appreciate you sharing this but I still see the jerky movement in the first slow wide pan. You say it's the wind, but I noticed this before on slower pans with ibis on, so until someone posts something with slow pan starting with a static shot and ending with one, I will hold off forming an opinion about this. I think the handheld steady shots is enough to consider the camera. Although I also remember people complaining about micro jitters with some of their lenses. It's hard to keep track of the state of old and new issues. I hope they sorted it out, because I would like to pick one up as we find out what the 10 bit offers in a color grade. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your footage.
  3. Movement in frame seems fine.The natural soft color is also nice. Whenever you are shooting again, the test with simple pans and titls, ibis on, would be interesting. If you could start from a still shot and then do a slow pan or tilt like you are setting up a master wide and then settle into a static shot. Also, maybe some shots with change of directions as well. I wanted to rent one this week at a nearby rental shop in Seoul, but they said they wouldn't get it for 20 more days. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it.
  4. This looks nice too. used filmconvert.
  5. I'm itching to pick one up, but I think I'll wait to see if this live-view gets sorted out. For production work, the hdmi monitoring needs to work as well. It just needs to be above around 2.8k 2:4 I think to down res nice to 2k with a workable crop.
  6. The g85 had that weird jerky motion with ibis that they "fixed" with a firmware. It's rearing its head with the gh5? Af is dodgy and this reviewer says ibis is questionable as well. I wonder if it can do simple slow handheld pans or tilts with the ibis without that drag and then jump to catch up motion. I would like to see the movement from a static shot to the move and then back to a static shot. If all this new tech has kinks I hope the 10bit color in v-log and 4k 60p is worth it at this price and that sensor.
  7. I have a rx100 iv and like using it, but I'm in a city. I can't really see it for rugged use like you're describing. I mean it's a well put together piece of tech, but it's still dainty as hell.
  8. Can someone do some simple street shots of people walking and moving about at 24fps at 180 degree shutter? Maybe even some slow pans and tilts. I remember seeing some stuttering in movement within frame and also with the camera moving. Was curious if it was sorted out since the pre-release model. Would be appreciated.
  9. CineV Some nice images in here. V-log will tame those highlights a bit but can you still get that color pop.
  10. This is why I was asking. I thought V-log and photo styles were two different settings.
  11. Looks nice. Are you getting full live-view with this setting? Also, is hdmi out monitoring possible with raw above hd resolution?
  12. That's what I thought. It looks nice. Natural but dramatic.
  13. "Home Moments" | Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Short Film (4K) I like this footage. Can someone explain Vlog-L Photo Style? Is the shooter just describing his grading?
  14. "Panasonic GH5 vs Canon 5D Mark IV 4K!!!!" gh5 colors seem improved and close to Canon. Slo-mo is nice.
  15. I have the Sony rx100 iv like Tars and it's great to carry around. The evf is surprisingly good for sunny outdoors for a camera this size. I mostly use 1080 and it looks nice, so I don't know about overheating. My gripes are that it's hard to get shallow dof because of the sensor size but the photos do look nice, and you need to get a leather or rubber case which is fine because it's hard to hold since there is no grip. You also get good af, once it holds it doesn't hunt hardly ever, as well as all the really nice slo-mo. Also lens is sharp but the battery life is atrocious. I actually bought 5 more for when I travel. And there's no touch screen so you have to press to get center focus at times on video. There's also auto-iso on manual and there's s-log if you want to play around with grading. All in all it's more than enough for travel unless you need more than ~70mm if you intend to only use optical zoom. *edit - I forgot it has one ND setting which is also convenient.
  16. Zetty, that's not how you use quotes. It's not cool to misquote people like that in a public forum. That's my point. I said "I wouldn't call that filmic. It looks nice, but filmic? No. Nice video, to my eyes which is great." You got me quoting myself. So if I think shooting actors on a prosumer Canon camera makes it easier for the audience to be empathetic because of the warm colors than a Sony camera, am I wrong or is it just my opinion? Can we discuss that without the insults like Andy did in good humor or the condescension? As far as the other stuff you're talking about. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. You find the strength to live your life the way you want. Don't blame others for pressuring you to be inauthentic. That's the easy way out. You find the strength of your own convictions. Also, you can't separate what you think is form or content. It's all a series of decisions you need to make that will impact how your creation exists. Some of those decisions will be tied to precedents because that's the nature of our psyche, it exists as the cusp of a genealogy so there's nothing wrong with building on tradition. And I find it funny you talking about the ethics of being creative these days while misquoting people.
  17. I said it looks nice and it does look nice. And you like Andy like to misquote people. You actually put something I didn't say into quotes like I said it which is what he did. Is this something new being taught at film schools these days? How to deal with strangers you disagree with on camera forums by misquoting them?
  18. Magic Lantern 5k/4k/3k RAW Test Shots : Not my footage but I'm excited for you guys who have this camera right now. This is pretty exciting times for you owners.
  19. Well at least we know for sure they gave it a lot of settings.
  20. Don't worry I'm having a great day. But look how you started this conversation with me. You turned me into a wailing baby because I have a different opinion. And now again you are the one who literally misquoted me at your first post but now accuse me of doing it. I don't get it. Also don't make it seem like I'm being sensitive and you are the bigger man for being rude to strangers. More passive aggressive issues. I'm at the park and my wife and I are having a good laugh about this. Sorry it's at your expense. As far as the GH5, I will probably rent it next week and do some tests. Rough scene coverage to see how it handles skin in mixed interior lights. Hopefully it looks like nice "digital" images. Did I do it right this time for your safe space?
  21. I'm not trying to convince myself or anybody else of anything. And don't accuse people of being babies or making stuff up because you disagree with them. You misquoted me to trivialize my opinion and then made it seem like it's okay because you're poking fun. If that's how you discuss things with people you have passive aggressive issues. And honestly, I don't really care what your highly developed theory on what digital and filmic means because you probably developed it reading forums as I've seen everything you said in other posts. So me saying the GH5 looks a certain way is not a reason for you to lecture me about the importance of technique and story. We all know it's important. Yes we get it. Cameras don't matter as long as you have good lighting and technique. So please save yourself some time with the lectures. Again, I'm just sharing an opinion. At least it's my opinion and not regurgitating rote ideas. I think it looks videoy which is fine. You don't. But I'm not so presumptuous to think my opinion matters more than yours because I don't really know where you're coming from. To me, film looks like film which is fine. Some digital cameras look like video and some look like film which is fine. Some people have better technique than others when using images. What's your point? I started making shorts in the 80s using vhs cameras. Worked in the industry doing national commercials shot on film and transferred to beta, digi-beta and d1's in the 90s. On the weekends, I shot narratives on 8mm, super 16mm, super 35, betacams and sony vx1000s. I've done post work on flatbeds, macs, windows, unix machines. I worked at two post facilities as they moved from conforming offline with tapes to Avids and using After Effects. I've directed a feature film theatrically distributed. Some of my closest friends are feature film colorists who I hang out with as they grade projects from all different cameras. And that's why from my experience, I think this footage looks like nice video. I don't know how to use emoticons but I would place a smile at the end of this sentence to convey the idea that I wrote this in a light hearted manner.
  22. I said it looks nice but still videoy. To me something being filmic is not just technique but the quality of image itself - it emulates film. Digital systems like arri and red get close. Also you don't know what experience I have that led me to my opinions. Cameras like gh5 look nice but videoy. It's also thin like the pixels are spread over a sheet and if you blow on it it will move. Don't know why panny prosumer images feel this way to me but they do. But again that's just my opinion. Don't know why you think I'm being childish about it. I guess I hurt your feelings. If I did I apologize. Crazy people are so sensitive about a thing like a camera. I guess these days people being a special snowflake isn't enough, there chosen brands need to be special too. To me it's there to tell my story and I always wish it worked better no matter the brand. Maybe these brands keep innovating because some of us are never satisfied. If it was all technique why are these product cycles getting shorter?
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