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  1. Cinema5d writes, "I think we are very likely looking Panasonic’s answer to the FS5 and even the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro: a compact cinema camera that’s as much at home in a documentary environment as in indie productions. In other words, a beefed-up GH5 with a Super 35mm sensor and camcorder ergonomics, with the kind of data rate capabilities to affordable media that Panasonic has already promised, and which has the entry-level market already salivating."
  2. Same here in Korea. I need to import it but with the rate and the import tax and dealing with possible returns, I have to really need it to justify the cost and headache. On the bright side, living abroad has saved me some money.
  3. Aputure COB 300d Comparable to 2k tungsten on a single source led. It's just a little longer than the 120d and takes two batteries. They said probably under a grand. Aputure Mini 20c - Bicolor Portable LED Light
  4. They have the thing veiled at nab and will reveal it at cinegear expo in June.
  5. I know where you're coming from. I started in this industry in the shipping and dubbing room which meant quality control from one format to another. All I looked at for years was vectorscopes and waveforms, and they are burned into my brain. Still, these days I shoot personal stuff with my iphone, old nikon, and a rx100 iv, and it's easy to use auto-iso and auto-focus everything that I know my images are worse for the wear, but I actually enjoy shooting more. Now when I do professional stuff I have to deal with a camera crew and sometimes they are younger and don't even use a light meter anymore which to me was just insane a few years ago. Now I see that it's much easier to dial in what you want from just looking at the monitor and using new tools like false color. Still, I think we see the flood of crap online because a lot of people who are "pros" never learn the basics of image making because things are so easy these days. You really do like you say need a good foundation to be able to convey a mood or sentiment instead of the latest trend. But I was also taught by older filmmakers that it was important to keep up with the times when I was dubbing tapes all day. This was in the mid 90s and these guys were in their late 50s to early 70s moving their workflow to Avids. It was interesting because I wasn't even an assistant editor but I was teaching them how to use macs, adobe and avid, setting up the computers. These guys were old award winning filmmakers, and it didn't matter to them if it was a flatbed, or tape to tape or a mac they were using as long as they could get the footage they needed and cut it. I remember sitting with them and showing them what the icons meant in Avid and that was it. They were editing tv shows, national spots and films in minutes. They didn't know the shortkeys like I did, but I still can't cut a story like they did back in the day. It showed me that when you master a craft the tools are just that and nothing more. But you need the tools to master that craft, but I think a lot of people are in a rush today because of the nature of how much content is needed and delivered these days, so the focus gets placed more on the means and the trends than on the craft. To me, the most interesting thing to film is a face telling me something, showing me something, an emotion, or hiding something, perhaps a secret. And what do we really need to do that? A decent camera and some lights? Is that it?
  6. I have yet to see any footage from this camera with good dynamic range and nice looking colors. Hopefully, the summer firmware fixes that or else the a6500 with its own issues seems like it has a better image at a much lower cost and 8bit.
  7. http://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-teases-the-launch-of-a-new-mft-compact-cinema-camera/ It was revealed with what looks like a Sigma Art Lens. So ef mount with larger sensor>m43 in the fall? Or Sigma will introduce m43 line?
  8. Really? For me, it evokes emotions even without a story. It doesn't look technical but evocative of a time and place. Still, you're right about it being kind of tonally deaf. You don't get the pleasing, soft separation of colors and still have them pop in some cameras with raw or higher bitrates. It seems like it's difficult to get to a good space between a haze of colors or something contrasty with rich colors.
  9. That's not my footage. I got some downtime these days and started looking into cameras for b footage and personal bts stuff. I was waiting to buy the gh5 or a c100 ii and then got second thoughts with this news of the 5d iii. I like the image but waiting to see if they can sort out the liveview, playback and hdmi monitoring at least for 3k. I been trying to follow the progress on ml forum, but it's hard to understand what they're talking about between liveview, frozen lv, hacked preview, preview auto, preview real time, zoomed real time preview, framing preview, ugh. I tried searching terms like hacked preview and the only result I get is the post where I read it. I can't tell if they are being fast and loose with these terms which describe one or two things or it's really this convoluted. I'm not really a tech person, so even though I think the images are great, I'm concerned using the camera and the workflow is actually even more confusing than what I'm reading.
  10. I think this youtube channel is getting some good images out of the camera. Makes me believe in its narrative potential. I would like to see this person do some more controlled movement shots in this style to see how the camera and codec handles it as well as in some interior lighting to see if this natural look can be done. I also wish Panasonic would give some hint at what the 400mbs codec will bring, or what they hope we can achieve with it, and also when it will be released. Better footage is trickling in for the fence sitters which is a good thing.
  11. You could shoot a feature in a docu style narrative like the Dardenne Bros with images like this. I was hoping the gh5 could deliver something that could produce more stylistic images that could be similar in color richness to some of the bm cameras or the canon hacks. The g85 is truly impressive for the cost. I bought one but returned it because of the original ibis issue, but Panasonic hit out of the park with that camera.
  12. I agree. I actually think some of the vlogs I see from the gx85 or g85 is easily comparable. The stuff I see where people are pushing the image off of the gh5 does not look great or that much better than the gh4. I just don't see it yet. Again, I'm hoping the new firmware makes the image richer and closer to what we see with raw images these days in cameras that are cheaper or else I think v-log is still problematic for most situations and amateurs and like you're saying the g85 and gx85 is more than enough camera for those shooters.
  13. It does look like a public access show shot in the basement of a college building. Still, I'm not seeing the jump in image quality I thought we would get with 10bit, and it's hard to say if the camera is worth it if that's what interests you until the firmware comes out. It could almost be like a different camera.
  14. Pretty honest appraisal of the camera at its current state. They say full hdmi for production is a big deal but that image still suffers from magenta and cyan macroblocking in V-log at 10bit. Hopefully, the summer firmware takes full advantage of the 10bit and sorts this out or else besides the 4k 60p is this camera worth twice the cost of the g85?
  15. It looks like Panasonic is going to really support and focus on this camera which is great for its owners. Maybe it will rub off on Canon.
  16. Yeah, the GH5 is looking better every day with this news and the video crippled A9. Just wish the 400mbs codec was released so we could see what the 10bit is really like.
  17. In a move to help meet the demands of professional filmmakers, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the availability of a feature upgrade for the EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera that will add the ability to record with Canon Log. With this upgrade, the EOS 5D Mark IV can achieve a cinematic look similar to what can be achieved using Cinema EOS cameras, allowing it to serve as a second camera on a Cinema EOS shoot or to stand alone as a cinema camera. Current EOS 5D Mark IV camera owners can have the Canon Log feature upgrade installed for $99 at any of the Canon service centers across the U.S. starting in July. The camera will also be available for sale (body only) with the feature upgrade pre-installed starting in July, with an estimated retail price of $3,599.00*. Canon Log uses the image sensor’s characteristics in a way that allows for a wide dynamic range, minimal loss of detail in shadows and highlight areas and an increased range of choices when color grading. Color grading options available with Canon Log include optimized color saturation, accurate colors with minor color bias, visual continuity and accurate skin tones. Canon Log also works with and complements several EOS 5D Mark IV camera features including 4K shooting, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, high speed 119.9p shooting in HD and 59.94p shooting in Full HD. Additional features include Movie Servo AF allowing the camera to focus on a subject even when the shutter button is not used, the ability to register custom shooting modes in Canon Log and movie shooting in Canon Log on a compatible iOS® or Android™ device using the free Canon Camera Connect app1. To learn more about the feature upgrade and how to get it installed, please visit https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/explore/see-legendary/canon-log
  18. Actually I wasn't asking if those two shots had the same lighting but if your project will be shot in a similar fashion. Maybe use v-log for wide shots outside on bright days with strong shadows, but me personally, I haven't seen too many examples of people getting good skin tone from v-log. It seems like you get more stops but maybe it's harder to get good colors? I'm not sure, but it seems like it's more difficult to get nuanced skin tone. Most of the v-log footage I see it looks like people just throw those hazy desaturated luts on it. I wonder if we will see better grades with the 10bit from non-professional colorists. That's why I'm curious what pro colorists will think about the 10bit files. I see people getting better skin tone with indoor lighting using the picture profiles like natural and cine-d. If you're going to light that way and not get it graded by a colorist, she looks like she is alive and breathing with the 709. With the v-log, not so much .
  19. Will you shoot with even lighting like this or some contrast? If you shoot like this and you plan to do minimal grading her skin looks better 709.
  20. This post house claims that internal 10bit is better for keys than ninja flame prores or DNxHR hq.
  21. Thanks for keeping us updated. The mjl forum can be daunting for non tech people just getting interested in it. It's hard to figure out the nomenclature. Would be great to know when or if ever this will be ready for production by having a usable live view, playback functions and hdmi out monitoring for resolutions around 3k. She looks nice in your video. Besides Arri some of these down res 3k are the best 2k images I've seen on the internet. Pretty unbelievable for a five year old camera you can get used for under 2 grand.
  22. Jon do you order from BH? I used to go there and shop since I grew up in NYC but haven't gotten anything shipped to Korea. If you have, how was the experience? If they released the a7s iii with improved af, better color, more stability and 10bit, it would be hard to justify another hybrid body for a while.
  23. imported a7r ii price dropped to $2199. In Seoul, the regular version is only slightly more expensive than a gh5, around $300 difference now. It was close to 4 grand a few months ago. Maybe they'll give them away after an announcement?
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