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Sony A7R IV / A7S III / A9 II to feature 8K video, as new 60MP and 36MP full frame sensor specs leak

Andrew Reid

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You guys seem to have a problem understanding this is a 61mpx 10fps FF pro still camera. It's already cool to have that kind of video features on it which does not exist in any competitor. It's a world first in many areas. This camera has nothing to do on EOSHD for video. Panasonic is the world first mirrorless 4K60P FF camera and they had to have a massive body for heat at 24mpx so imagine 61mpx...? Clearly impossible. This will be for the A7SIII. 

Where I am really disappointed is having only this announcement today. 

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Just now, ryne275 said:

Seriously, where the fuck is the A7s III? What is taking Sony sooooo long? Heat management? Sony currently has NO mirrorless camera on the market today that can do 4K/60. Sad. 

This. I think it's hard to blame Sony for not having 4K60 on the RIV that is 100% still oriented and that gives amazing stills specs that does not exist on the market. 
However they really suck with the A7S and A6500 replacement schedule. They have no excuse for no camera body with 4K60p. That sucks. 

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Magnificent still camera (and as a timelapse photographer I can only be jubilant!)

Unfortunately it's official that video specs are unchanged from the a7rIII (apart from the inclusion of eye tracking AF which is nice)

I guess we'll have to keep waiting for the new A7S then ?




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This still plays into my theory that the body is too small to allow higher video frame rates. They will have to come out with a completely different camera (larger with possibly a fan) to have any kind of serious specs for 60p 4k and beyond. They might be able to do it with an APS-C sensor but not FF in that small of a body.


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If I get this right, it's either a pixel binned full sensor size readout or a 6K readout from sub APS-C area, downsampled to 4K.
Both at 30fps maximum.
Still 100Mbps max
still 8 bit only, even when using an external recorder
and still no 4K DCI? 

I guess that means the A7SIII is still coming this year ?


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44 minutes ago, Geoff CB said:

This. The A7r3 is still a hell of a camera with an in incredible sensor.

Yes, on Fred Miranda the r3 is selling at $1750 in one post and the r2 is now under $1000, same sensor. That's a bargain and they'll just get cheaper as more try to shift their cameras.


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Why does Sony not realize that throwing more pixels and bells and features at it isn’t the right way to innovate anymore?

I’m more enthusiastic by Sigma’s recent announcement. Although the specs aren’t as good, it looks as if they rethought the camera. What do you want to do? Shoot film or photos? One dial, the interface adapts and remains minimalistic. Sony: one mess exposing everything.

Aesthetics, shooting pleasure, ditching features and ignoring conventions, looking at what people want, that’s what matters.

Sony needs a stronger product positioning team and hide the engineering from its end-users.  

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Still 100Mbps ? Wow.  Talking about holding back.

Here's Sony's problem. By making the S and R series, what happens when the A7SIII or A7SIV has to be so great at video (market specs) that the stills photography functions now become better then the A7RIII series?  

This is why the A7R IV was announced first. 

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