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  1. Thanks for the info, jpfilmz! Yeah, I would love to see how you power this. It says in the documentation that someone posted on social media that you need an 8v power pack to run at full speed. Not even sure which power banks can provide that. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all for your feedback. You all give some really great info!
  3. Thanks. What cards or media do your friends record to. What brand and size of Cfast? Thanks for the comment!
  4. I know this is not a Black Magic Forum. I’m thinking of getting a black magic 6K or 6k pro as C and D camera for my shoots. I’ve read a couple of places people having their footage corrupted and not recoverable. Is that a common occurrence? I have 2 5D Mark iii and I’ve recorded raw video in 1920 and 3.k crop for many years and never had a bad frame. My FS700 recording to Odyssey 7Q for the past seven years and never had a bad frame. For the Canon C100 I have the same experience - perfect and reliable 100%. Have I just been lucky with my use case or are black magic cameras not very reliable? I really want 6k, but I need reliable. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info! Interesting what you say about the Komodo sensor. It does use the rf mount after all.
  6. Awesome! So happy to see this. Especially comparing with the different r5 modes of 4K with and without 4K fine. Thanks Andrew!!!!
  7. Are there any examples of Raw video out of the a7s3 yet? Is the quality in raw any more detailed compared to internal? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone done or seen a test that compares the 4k of the Canon 1DC vs the 4k of the R5 in standard/4k Fine/8k modes? I would love to see how they compares in color as well. Thinking of getting a 1DC as a third camera because I have a bunch of huge Compact Flash cards. Thanks!
  9. I should think negatively more in the future so cool things like this happen in the future! So happy! I only wish I would have said it wouldn't have raw and no evf and no ibis at the same time so all those things would be included too!
  10. Whi In this environment with a fan on it recording internally to a CFexpress card did it overheat and stop recording? Thanks for sharing info about this! Also, can you record to this external drive and have the backup 4k HQ record to the internal sd card without overheating with this fan?
  11. I don't think there is any chance they will release a speed booster because they want to sell RF Lenses. I hope I am wrong! Speedbooster would be sweet on this camera... if its made by Canon. The canon adapter on the r5 is perfect and I don't have any issues with it ever on the R5.
  12. Anyone buy one who is going to test it out on the R5? I would love to hear their thoughts! Thanks!
  13. Good to know. Thanks! Which nvme do you recommend? On the r5 how would you close the card door? Do you just have to leave it open and press in some trigger somewhere to make it think it’s closed? Recording 8k raw with a backup to the Sd card would be a good option for this method to give it some reliability. Thanks!
  14. Any chance this cfexpress to nvme ssd could work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/184438464836
  15. Andrew, Thanks so much for testing the camera in this way for us! I really appreciate it!
  16. I think it may be wise to switch out the cf express card with a cool one when doing this hack. If you can’t wait 2 mins. Haha. Which cfexpress card were you using @Andrew Reid? I wonder if some brands of cards throttle better than others when overheating. Haha.
  17. Thanks! I guess the burning question to answer now is what temperature is safe for the camera to operate at for a long time? 70 c? I guess it depends on the cpu, but all cpus are safe to operate at different temperatures I think, right? We may never know.
  18. Great post @visionrouge! Based on what I have been reading, does this only work when recording one big long clip and then stop recording and then do the trick to get the time back? What If I record 100 short clips of 8k raw and then it overheats and I do the trick? Would I still get the full 15+ minute back on the clock or would it go to the previous saved “overheat start time” like you mentioned which when recording short clips might only be a minute? Thanks!
  19. Yes, please! We all love you, Andrew! You are the best!
  20. Maybe when Andrew did the test he didn't pull the battery while it was recording? Does it have to be recording when you pull the battery possibly?
  21. Thanks Andrew for continuing to push this issue! I know Canon is not ignoring it. Anything to get more useful time out of this camera is amazing. I absolutely love it in every other way.
  22. No way they offer a recall. They knew exactly how this would all play out. They test these cameras for a long time with professionals and they even get feedback. This isn't an oversight. They are just making a super conservative camera that records for a certain amount of time not considering the exterior temperature. Please Canon just let the camera run as long as it can!
  23. I think Canon is just playing it safe so it records consistently in all types of exterior temperatures. I wish they would just let it run as much as it can, but then people would complain that it can only record 20 minutes in 100 F + weather. Haha. I would much rather it run for 40 minutes in sub 100 F weather, but I think this is the only way they can give consistent runtimes which I guess they think matters the most. Just let it do what it run as long as it can given the temperatures, Canon, please! I spoke with Canon CPS guy today and he said he gets at least one call a day about this issue and he said that canon wants them to log anything we tell them especially regarding the R5. They are listening!
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